August 26th, 1942

Hello Darling:

I was very glad to receive your very nice letter yesterday. I didn’t really expect one for a couple of days and it certainly was a very nice surprise.
I wrote Mrs. Dean and Mr. Ingham yesterday and thanked her for the really nice time at the cabin. I expect that you will drop her some cake and a small note as well.
Well dear, nothing very much has happened since I last wrote you except that I miss you more and more and I wish that you were down here with me. I will wait till about the 2nd of September before I start looking for a place, that is if you are still thinking about joining me down here as we talked about on our lovely honeymoon. It is really too bad that more fellows can’t be stationed near home, oh well. I could be a lot worse off in the army and after what you were telling me about that article in the paper, I guess it would not be long before the army would have me and ship me out.
I am expecting a letter from my Mother because I do not know whether or not Mom and Pop have gone away again and I don’t want to write till I hear from them.
We are have an aquatic meet down here on September 7th and I have entered a few of the events. We are getting a few afternoons off to practice so that is not too bad. I hope that I am good enough in the swimming events to at least place so here is hoping. Its something to do anyways and that is one of the big worries down here, finding enough to do when we are not working.
Last night I was in bed at 10 o’clock and I feel pretty good today. I expect to go to the show tonight. I went on Monday night and saw “Mr. Dynamite” it was a pretty old picture but it was a mystery picture and I liked it.
Don’t you worry about money for me darling. I get $5.00 a week for myself and that is really to much. I haven’t anything to buy except candy and toothpaste and so as I mentioned dear don’t worry because I’ll get alone fine.
You haven’t heard anything from Eaton’s yet, well don’t worry too much because there are lots and lots of jobs open for you girls. Why don’t you put your application in where Marg McLeod told you and see what happens? You might be a lot better at it there than at Eaton’s, but its entirely up to you dear and whatever you think it best.
We really have swell hours down here. We start at about 9 and usually knock off from about 11:30 till 1:30 and from then we finish at 5. I should put weight on at that rate. I think I lost some when I was home but I had more fun loosing it then I ever had in my life. It will seem like that every time I get home, just like being on our honeymoon again dear. I have been thinking about those 2 weeks and boy, did we have fun.
You know darling I love you more than anything and more than anyone can love a girl and darling, I just hope and pray that we can have a long and fulling life together.
Darling don’t worry about me because I’ve got everything I need down here, except you, and if you were just here it would be perfect. SO chin up honey and loving you very, very much.

I remain
Your loving and devoted husband



P.S I wrote you Friday and Saturday and don’t forget to give my love to Mom and Pop Booth

August 25th, 1942

Hello Darling:

I received your grand letter tonight and dear it was worth waiting so long for because it was a nice long one.
Gosh darling I am terribly sorry to hear you were sick and you are sure your are ok now you are not kidding me are you?
Marg had a letter from Ted and he said when we saw you that you looked terribly tired. My goodness dear what were you doing on that train on the way down there?
Well dear I’m just an o’l working gal again. I went downtown yesterday and had no trouble at all, it was not an office job because the office I was trying to get in had been filled so Mr. Wilkinson that’s my new boss asked me I wouldn’t like selling so I said OK providing I got the same money that I was making before I was married, so he thought a moment and said OK. So I’ll be making $15.00 plus my lost of living ok, so that makes me about $18.00 which isn’t so bad. My Pop was kind of sore at me for taking selling job because he thought I could get an office job and I guess I could if I tried but I don’t mind selling as it is a change.
I am up at College St. in the department that sells sweaters, slacks, skirts, shirts etc. I had to go to the class for selling yesterday afternoon and it was boring because I know how to make out the bills and I have to go back tomorrow morning so I can learn the cash register which I hope want be too hard. My feet are sore and tired tonight because I wore my high heels all day so tomorrow I am going to take my low heeled shoes with me. The only thing I don’t like about it is I will have to work Saturday afternoons, right now the hours are not bad we start at 9:30AM to 5:30PM.
I was going over to see your Mother tonight but I phoned her, and she was going up to your Aunt Mattie’s because your Aunt Tina and Uncle Dave were going there tonight so I will go over on Thursday. Bill dear please write your Mother this week because she is just as anxious to hear from you as I am and even though I phone her every time I get a letter should would really love to hear from you directly, so please hurry and write.
Yes dear, I will get your shirts for you, just tell me what size to get you and also what colour, as I shall get my 10% off. So a couple of your fellows got posted overseas, gee maybe I have been counting on you not going overseas and don’t you dare say that it wouldn’t be much worse than Halifax. At least when you are in Halifax there is always a chance for me to see you, even though it is few and far between.
I guess I will write Mrs. Dean and Mrs. Henderson, I will send her the pictures and also enclose a piece of wedding cake with small letter.
You can tell the boys dear that I feel great, in fact I will take a picture of myself next week just to show you, but as you say you wont be able to see any difference just yet. Remember that girl Anna that had the shower for last year, well I told you she was expecting her first child about 3 weeks ago and I just heard today that her baby was born dead. Isn’t that sad and just awful, I must phone her, but I will wait for a while because I guess she is feeling pretty bad about it.
It is Auntie Jessie’ night off tonight so the whole family are sitting on the front room, Dad has just come downstairs from putting Beverley to sleep and everybody is fine.
Oh I forgot to tell you dear I am learning how to drive and so is Marg. Pop is teaching us, he is a very good teacher but I sort of get nervous in case I do anything to his old car. I didn’t do so good last night when I changed the gears from first to second I sort of made a grinding sounds and oh boy, Pop nearly hit the roof but tonight I did very good even if I do say so myself. Marg is very good though. So one of these fine days dear I will be driving down to see you.
Well dearest I guess I will finish now as I am going to get my cup of tea, as I am cold. It is very cold here just now. I had to wear a coat to work today. So darling hurry and write me as I will be anxious to hear if you are all right. I will write you again on Thursday, have you nocticed dear that I am writing you three times a week?
So until I hear from you dear.
All my love dearest and loving you an awful awful lot
From you wife who misses you very much



P.S don’t forget to write your Mother

August 23rd, 1942

Hello Dearest

Well darling here I am again, although I looked for a letter from your on Saturday morning but no such luck but perhaps I will have one on Monday morning (I hope) for your sake I do as you promised to write me Thursday. I thought I wouldn’t write you till tomorrow night but I know, every time I write you dear I feel better because it seems to bring me so much nearer to you and I am still awful lonesome for you. I guess I” never get over being that when you are away from me. Well enough of this being sorry for myself or I will be crying before you know it.
Boy have I ever got writer’s cramp, I’ve never written so much in all my life as you know this is Sunday and all day I have been writing my thank you cards and I must have written about 50 letters and it has taken me all day and I also have cut up my cake and put it in little boxes to send. I have Bobs in a box also some for the other fellows and I will send it down to you and you can give it to him and share. I will also send you down a piece dear, I will never forget you.
Your Aunt Mattie phoned me on Wednesday to see if I had heard from you and she is fine and so is your Aunt Agnes and Uncle Jack. Your Mother phoned me as well to tell me that she went to Bingo while she was up in Midland and she won the grand prize of 12 cents, big money eh? She was telling me that there is a registered parcel for you, it came to the house and as there was no one there she will have to go down to the post office. I think it is your call for the Army as Ted got his and so did Bob, Doris’ boyfriend.
I have just finished talking to your Mother. I thought he might be in bed because it was about 10:30 and now it is about 11:30PM. You Dad took your Aunts and Mom out for a drive in the country and they stayed for supper at some friends of yours and they didn’t get home until about 8PM and you Mom had baked a nice cake because she thought I might have been over. I would have gone over except that I was quite busy but I will go over one night this week.
What have you been doing with yourself since you went back? By the way dear, what were you telling Ted about married life. He wrote his Mother and since his father read the letter he wants to see me and talk to me to see what I did to you on our honeymoon. I hope you told him something nice. How do you like being back there again dear?
I went to the show last night with Irene, Jessie and Aunt Bessie and saw Mickey Rooney in “The Courtship of Andy Hardy” and it was very good. Did you see it? Then I came home and listened to the orchestra on the radio till about 12PM then went to bed (alone worst luck eh?) Gosh I can’t get used to sleeping with Marg in my room, I keep thinking gosh I wish it was Bill.
I went to deposit the cheque Aunt Agnes gave us because I knew I couldn’t cash it because it was made out to you and you forgot to endorse it, but the man wouldn’t let me. I either have to have your signature or have it made out to me so I guess I will have to get Aunt Agnes to make another one out to me.
Darling are you sure you should sign so much money over to me every month because $75.00 is an awful lot of money and I don’t want you going short just to give me the money because I will be worrying about you wondering if you have enough money. So think it over dear.
Well dear I will finish now because I will have to get up early because I am going down to see about my job, so keep your fingers crossed for me darling. But I will write you Tuesday and let you know how I make out so write soon and often darling because I look forward to you letters so much dear and I’m looking forward for one tomorrow.
Loving more and more each day and wishing you were here with me.
Love from your wife (who is a lonely as a church mouse)



P.S I will close my eyes dear and pretend you are here while I give you these kisses.

August 19th, 1942

Hello Darling:

I received you nice little letter this morning dear, so I decided I wold write to you tonight. I guess you had received my other letter today. Well dear I was very glad to get you letter because I was anxious to hear if you got home OK. Now I feel better.
You were wondering dear if I felt better and I feel grand and just raring to go. I guess I will just have to get used to the fact that you are not around and that makes me very blue. I wish you were home to sleep with me, gosh I miss you when I go to bed. I am sleeping by myself because I have the middle room to myself now. Darling I don’t know how I can last 3 months but as you say perhaps I will see you before 3 months are up (I hope).
I went to the show with Marg and Irene last night. Mother and I went downtown yesterday and Mother enjoyed herself because she hasn’t been down for a long time. We met Marg and went to lunch with her and I also met a lot of the kids from the office. I was looking for Dot but I did not see her.
I also went to the bank yesterday and opened a joint bank account and didn’t have any trouble. I didn’t even have to get a slip for you to sign, they just asked your name. I went to the Bank of Toronto at the corner of Dewhurst and Danforth.
You were saying dear, buy a fur coat if I wanted to, well darling that was grand of you to tell me to buy one dear the one I want is over $200.00 and darling we cant afford that but maybe some year I will get one but I am in no hurry.
I bought a black cloth coat with a big silver fox collar, it is very nice Bill and I think I will get a silver fox muff and a plain little black hat. How does that sound to you? I got the coat for $69.50 because it is what they call the August sale and if I waited until September it would have been $85.00 as they all go up 20%.
I went down the Danforth with Mother and Beverley this afternoon and I went in with our pictures and paid the other $4.00. I am getting them back next Wednesday.
You were saying dear that I could take some of our wedding money to pay for my bills and I took the taxi money and picture money out of the $15.00 you left. I am going to get all my sliver because the girl was telling me that by next year I probably wouldn’t be able to get it. To get all my sliver it is going to cost me $32.00 so I have the $25.00 Aunt Agnes gave us and I will add in the rest and by the time I get my 10% Eaton’s discount I will only be out about $4.00 so that isn’t bad.
I was talking to Doris last night and she was telling me that Tom Bradbeer is in the Air Force and is stationed in Ottawa. He was home for his leave last week and phoned Doris but she was out so he told Mrs. Moore.
So you saw Ted on Monday. I am glad you did and so is Marg. She had mail from Halifax from him today but it wasn’t a letter it was just an Air Force Handkerchief? Gee he sure is a long way from home now.
You were saying dear that you feel like a different man since you are married and so do I dear. I can’t explain how I feel but I am so happy and much in love with you. I can’t seem to find the right words to express myself but you know how I feel.
I have not started to work yet, I will give the fellow a phone tomorrow again as I am getting fed up staying home. I will give him this week and if I don’t hear from him I am going out to look for a job. I shouldn’t have a hard time getting one because there are lots of jobs. Marg McLeod told me to try where she works at the Wartime Price and Trade board as they need girls but we will wait and see.
Well darling I guess that is all for now because I want to catch the mail again but I wil write you on the weekend.
So write soon dear. Would you like me to send you down anything? Do you think if I sent you cookies that they would keep ok? Let me know.
Loving you and missing you very, very much darling
Love from your skinny as a picket fence wife


August 5th, 1942

Note from the Author

Doreen and Bill were married on August 5th 1942. They were surrounded by those who love them. They had a “grand” time and danced all night in each others arms.
After their wedding they headed up North and spend time together, starting in Midland and then eventually making their way to Big Cedar lake.

The importance of Big Cedar lake will show itself over the coming decades as Bill purchased a cabin on the lake. The cabin became a cottage and to this day is enjoyed by their family, which includes many of the people whom who have gotten to know in these letters, this person included

We will pick up after they have returned from their honeymoon and Bill has gone back to Halifax to contine his service in the Air Force.


July 27th, 1942

Hello Darling

Well dearest here I am again and just think it will be a week today and you will be home and oh darling believe it or not but I am just counting the hours till I see you. I was going to write you last night but I didn’t get the chance and I guess dear this will be the last letter you will receive until you come home because darling this week I am going to be rushed off my feet.
Are you getting a wee bit nervous? I am a wee bit. I hope you know me when you come home, I have lost some weight. I don’t know how much but I know I have because I haven’t been to my bed for so long and the excitement. Anna lost 5 pounds before she was married so I guess we are all the same as it is the most important thing in our lives. But you have put weight on sot hat will make up for it.
They say that once I am married I will put a lot of weight on (I wonder why) but I hope I do not put too much weight on as clothes are easier to buy when you are small.
So you think Dot McKee would be better than me eh? Well maybe you are right but I don’t think so because she is an old hand at the game and I would rather learn with someone I love. I met her boyfriend on Saturday and boy what a guy. I don’t know if he will be coming to the wedding or not but he seemed quite anxious to come (after he saw me HAHA) Boy do I like kidding myself.
I got the wedding license dear on Friday. Your Mother went to the Parliament and got a duplicate of your birth certificate which was $1.50. Then from there we went to City Hall and they even took the duplicate certificate so now that 2 of yours they got. I asked if I could take it back but they would not give it to me. They asked a few questions and then I had to put my right hand on the Bible and swear that the answers I had just given were the truth, then I finally got our license which was $5.00.
I have received 3 more wedding gifts one from Hazel and Rex a lovely cushion and my sheets came from Peg and Alf on Saturday and today Aunt Lizzie sent me over a silver candy dish.
Darling I am certainly looking forward to that nice surprise you are going to give me and don’t let me down. So one of the fellows showed you some of the pages from his fiancée, well I certainly hope you do not show my letters to the boys, because darling these letters are for your eyes only.
I have another surprise for you. 2 Air force fellows are staying at our place. 1 is Marg’s cousin from Scotland and the other is his chum from England, Ian that’s Marg’s cousins name he is quite a big fellow. He weighs about 175 pounds and has black wavy hair. He is very nice and is 21 years old and his chum is about 20 years old and is very short.
Auntie Jessie got a letter from Ian Saturday saying that they would be arriving Sunday morning so Marg went down to the station to meet them and I had to get up at 6AM. I really did not want to go down but about 7 months ago he sent me a picture of himself in his uniform and as we had never met him they thought I should go. They arrived at 7:30AM and I was the ne who picked him out of the crowd.
How I got his picture is that I used to write him about 3 years ago but then I stopped after a year. He kept on writing me but he then eventually stopped but I think I told you all this already.
They are shipping out in August and we asked them if they could stay for the wedding but they were not sure.
Dad took us for a ride this afternoon then at night we went over to Island. Ian, Marg Norman and myself. I hope you don’t mind Bill, and I don’t think you will because you have my heart. They wanted me to go to the Seabreeze dancing to night but I told them to phone Irene as I was tired and wanted to write your letter. But they went and Dad drove them.
I had to work tonight but this is my last night I have to work as I am leaving on Thursday and Charlie said I wouldn’t have to work anymore.
Gosh Bill the more I think of our wedding the more excited I get. If you only knew how I am counting the days till I see you but you will find out when you come home. Marg had a letter from Ted but he isn’t getting his leave as they are not being posted yet.
Please excuse dear the different writing paper but I have run short of the other paper and I am now using Marg’s. I guess I will get shot when she finds out.
Well dear I will finish now but please write and let me know what time you will be arriving because I want to come down to the station to meet you because I couldn’t sit still waiting for you at home. So darling don’t expect anymore mail from me this week, so I will say goodnight dear until I see you next week, isn’t that a grand thought?

All my love darling



July 26, 1942

Hello Darling:

I received your very welcome letter this Sunday morning and I am going to answer you right now. It is about 6 o’clock and I’ve just returned from a little hike and swim. I went with 2 of the boys in our section and we had a pretty fair time but nothing like the times I had with you darling and like the times we are going to have next week.
I can hardly realise that I’m going to be your husband dear, but I’m going to say that no one will love his wife anymore than I do mine, and there is only one really way of proving that. I guess you didn’t receive my last letter until after you wrote yours or you would have know what happened to the mail. I was such bad weather down here 3 or 4 days last week that the air mail was held up both coming and going. So I hope that it doesn’t make you feel that I was forgetting you dear because you know I will never do that.
Well last week was pretty uneventful as things were pretty slack but I think that next week will be a little busier. I think that I told you in my last letter that we might be going out to our summer camp for a couple of days. I won’t mind that a bit because I don’t expect to get much rest on my leave. In fact I’m hoping that I don’t get ANY rest. I hope understand what I mean.
I guess I will go to the station show here tonight. I don’t know what the picture is but there is nothing else much doing so that will keep me out of mischief.
So Marg and Doris had another shower for you boy dear, you are certainly going to look pretty with all your new clothes and all that nice lingerie. I won’t be able to wait and see you in it, in fact I would like to see you in it right now.
Well dear I hope to get away Saturday afternoon that will get me in Toronto Monday morning but I’ll telegraph from Montreal dear if I get away earlier or later so you can figure on me getting in Monday morning for the present.
So you got Billy MacKenzie for an usher that is OK with me. I hope that you don’t have any trouble getting the license dear, because I would certainly hate to hold things up on account of that. But I don’t think you will have any trouble once you get my birth certificate. Have you got the gifts for the boys yet dear but I knew you will get them something nice so I won’t worry about that.
I will write you on Wednesday honey and give you the last word about when I expect to leave here so I expect to have a letter from you by then dear.
Oh darling if you only realized how much I’m looking forward to next week and to get back to you so you better be the one to look out at the station. I certainly hope that you are getting lots of rest because I know you will not be getting any for the next 2 weeks.
Well darling that is about all for now but by this time next week I’ll be pretty well home and then I’ll be able to tell you all the little things I can’t write down here.
With all my love I remain your loving husband to be



July 23rd, 1942

Hello Darling:

I received your weee note yesterday but didn’t get a chance to answer it till tonight. I see by your letter that you wrote it on July 17th but did not post it until July 19th, what were you doing with it for 2 days? I’ll bet you had it in your pocket all the time and it was the 22nd when I received it so now O’l thing you have 2 letters to answer for me, besides this one because I wrote you last Friday and Monday and now tonight.
Gosh am I busy just now but I always find the time to write you so old dear you had better have a good excuse for waiting so long to write. Well now that I have that off my chest I feel better.
It is now about 10:30PM and why am I writing this late is because I have just come home from work. It is stock taking time on our office and boy are we busy. I have to work tomorrow night and Saturday afternoon and probably some nights next week but I am going to tell him I can’t because I will be busy all next week getting everything in shape for my trousseau tea next Friday night. Gosh darling the time is sure going fast but it can’t go too fast for me.
So you think that the train gets into Toronto at 7AM, well dear I will be down there with bells on and I assure you I will not be responsible for what I do to you at the station. Well dear I have been a busy girl this week.
Tuesday night Dad drove Mother and the baby and myself down to have a fitting on the dress. Then we went and picked up 2 pictures that Mother was having made for me, then from there we went to Auntie Bessie’s. I really intended to go to bed early but it was about 12 when I hit my bed.
Then last night as I guess you know I had another shower which is my 4th one. It was held in Doris’ apartment but Marg helped her with it. It was a lovely shower. I keep telling myself over and over again what a lucky girl I am with all the lovely gifts and also getting the grandest MAN in the world for my husband.
I had a personal shower, that means, things for me to wear. Your Mother was there and also my Mother, Aunt Agnes, Aunt Mattie wasn’t there because she had not been feeling well this last week but she sent me a lovely gift of bath salts and soaps so oh boy should I smell nice.
Irene Stallon was there, remember we went to a party 2 winters ago at her house on Salmon Ave?
I got 2 slips, panties, lipstick from Anna, sports skirt, stockings, gloves, handkerchiefs, aprons. I got the panties from your Mother with a cute verse which I will let you see when you are home.
I tried to get a hold of Dave Miller last night but when I phoned I got Loraine. She said he was shipped out to British Columbia and will not be home until at least September. So I decided that I would ask Bill McKenzie for an usher because he is so tall, so he said OK. I hope you don’t’ mind me asking him dear but I didn’t know who else to ask and the time is getting short.
Well dearest I went over to get the license today on my lunch break. Mother came over with me and I filled in the form and everything but they wouldn’t give it to me because I didn’t have your birth certificate and I told him that is was in Ottawa and he said to me to go over to the Parliament buildings and pay $1.50 and get a duplicate. So I phoned your Mother and she knows a friend who works there, I forget the name of the person and your Mother has to meet them tomorrow and they will get the duplicate. Then I will meet your Mother at 12 o’clock and go over and try and get it again tomorrow.
When I met Mom downtown today she bought us a pair of blankets for a wedding present and when we take up house she is going to give us something else. Gosh dalring you will be home so soon and I have so much to tell you but I can’t put it in a letter but we only have another week dear.
Are you getting nervous? I am a wee bit but not too much. Everybody is surprised to find me so clam but I told them not to let my looks fool them.
Did I tell you I had a letter from Jan and that she will get down for my wedding but Jack can’t get off work. Marg is all excited today because she got her cedar chest from Ted. It is very nice and it is very much like mine. She had a letter from him yesterday and he is being posted again but he doesn’t know where to so I think that he is taking his leave the 27th of this month so Marg is just waiting to hear more definite news from him but I cant take a chance and have him for an usher just in case he doesn’t get to come home.
yes darling I certainly do remember coming down to the Exhibition to see you and what a thrill I got when I saw how handsome you looked in your uniform. Gosh darling I don’t think you know how proud I am of you but I think you do know how much I love you and also how proud I am of you.
Well dearest I guess I will have to finish now because my eyes are just closing and could keep on writring for hours but I will write you again on Sunday. Well darling good night for now and hoping to have a letter from you tomorrow but I guess you have been busy so I will forgive you

Loving you with every beat of my heart (And I mean that dear)



July 22, 1942

Hello Darling:

I just received you very nice letter this afternoon dear, and I don’t want you to think that I am not writing you enough and I am answering it right away. These storms here have been holding the mail up dear, so that is why you have not been receiving my letters as soon as you should. You mailed your letter on Sunday and I did not receive it until today (Wednesday) So you can see that the Air Mail is being held up all around.
Well darling, just 2 more weeks today and boy oh boy you will be all mine but after what you have been telling me about Dot McKee I think I’ve got the wrong girl! I think that she keeps all the boys warm! I ma kidding you know you are the one for me.
Some of the boys down here Bob included, got away to the summer camp for 4 days till Sunday night. I expect to get away next week for a couple of days just to rest up, you know dear, ready for our little expedition and darling that is going to be some trip I PROMISE YOU!
One of the boys here has just showed me a few pages of letter from his fiancée, they are getting married in a few weeks and boy, she is hot stuff. She promised him a lot of good times on their honeymoon. Lucky fellow.
I received a very nice letter from my Dad this morning and he certainly seems to be pretty excited about the whole wedding thing. I was thinking dear you could put all our gifts in our house in the back room that used to be mine and could be our for a night anyways. Boy we certainly have some nice stuff. I just hope that this war ends soon enough and we get a chance to use some of those things soon and we can be together always. Right about 90% of the boys are getting paid and I can hear myself think!
Things this week here have been pretty quiet and I’m really taking things easy and you know why. One of the boys here who is married comes in after his leave and always complains of a sore back. I wonder why it is only his back that is sore, I am hoping that you will tell me when we see each other.
There has been some real good shows here lately even though they are a little old. On Monday night I saw “The Seven Sinners” and boy that was pretty hot. Tonight “Captain Fury” is coming which sounds pretty good any how. Just think darling that at the end of next week it will be about 12 weeks since I last saw you. I think maybe it has been for the best because it has shown me how much I do truly love you and missing you makes me think of all the ways I wish to treat you as my wife. With kindness, respect and a loving manner. Maybe someone should have told Dot McKee that.
Well thanks dear for such a nice letter and hoping your Mother and Father and little sister and Marg are all fine.

I remain dear with lots and lots of love, yours.



July 20, 1942

Hello Darling:

Here I am again, that wife of yours to be (Oh boy). How are you dear? I have not received any word from you since last Wednesday, I thought I would have had one letter on Saturday or today at the most as you said in your letter that you would perhaps write me on Wednesday but as yet no luck. What’s the matter with you, I used to receive2 a week but you are slipping?
Well darling it is now about 10:30PM. I did not come home for supper because I went right to the hairdressers and then from there I dropped in to Auntie Bessie’s’ and I have just came in. Auntie Jessie is here tonight.
What have you been doing? I was talking to your Mother on Saturday and she was saying that she had a letter from you. I am glad because you haven’t written her for about 2 weeks and she was saying that is was a nice big letter from you with lots of news in it and how you had been on watch at the Officer’s Mews.
I am going over to get the license on Thursday, I will go over on my lunch hour and Charlie (that’s my boss) told me to take as long as I want because it will probably take a few hours to get one because there is always a line up.
I am anxiously waiting your letter Bill because I don’t know if you want me to ask Dave Miller or not to be an usher because as I said in my last letter I do not want to wait until the last minute.
We have received 2 wedding presents already. A nice table lamp from grandpa and a beautiful 7 way lamp from Auntie Bessie, Irene and Jessie. It lights up from the bottom of the stand too, it is great big lamp gosh, I don’t know where to put all my stuff, I guess I will have to put some over at your Mother’s place if she will let me.
I was up at Doris’ with Marg on Saturday afternoon to have the final check up on our dresses and boy, it was so warm in her apartment then we have to go and have our hats tried on so we had a busy Saturday . Then I was going to the show Saturday night but we had 3 of the finest storms I have ever seen, they were like hurricanes. We had the first one Friday night and boy was it bad. The thunder and lightening was very bad, Marg and I were supposed to go to Doris’ then but we couldn’t get out. Then Saturday it was a grand day and boy was it warm. I was just getting ready for the show when the 2nd storm started and it kept up till well on in to the wee hours of Sunday morning.
Marg went over to stay with Mrs. Simpson as she did not like to stay by herself because Mr. Simpson was out all night on account of the storm. All the lights went out about 12PM, gee its too bad you were not home. Then we were all set to go out to Jackson’s Point Sunday as it was very warm but just as we got into the car the 3rd storm started and it kept up all afternoon and all evening. So all in all we have had a rainy week.
Bill dear, I am having my girlfriend Dot McKee coming to our wedding and boy, there is one girl I want you to meet, boy what she doesn’t know about life. I think her and Jack Dowds should make a good pair. She had just come back from her holidays up at Deer Lodge for 2 weeks and out of all that time she was only undressed twice, to go to bed. She used to spend so many nights in this guys cabin and so many other nights in this other guys cabin and when I say nights I mean NIGHTS. She would never leave their cabins until 8AM. I know she is a wild one but there is something about her which I like so she should be quite a guest at our wedding don’t you think?
Dad is listening to the news and Mother is feeding Beverley a bottle and after I finish your letter I am going to hit the hay as I will be very busy this week. Tomorrow night I have to go down to have a fitting on a dress that a lady is making, then Wednesday night Marg and I have to go down and get our dresses from Doris, then Thursday I am going over to see your Mom and Pop.
Marg gets her cedar from Ted this week and Mr. & Mrs. Simpson are going on their holidays so Marg will have to get it this week so I guess there will be some excitement around her. Oh by the way she gets about 3 letters a week from Ted, I know I shouldn’t be selfish because I will have you all to myself in about 2 weeks and Marg won’t be seeing Ted till the last 2 weeks in August or the first 2 in September.
Mother and Dad are having great fun with Beverley, she is pulling on Dad’s hair, she is quite a big baby now.
Well darling I will finish now, but I will write you either on Wednesday or Thursday and hoping I have letter from you tomorrow.
All my love dearest