December 23rd, 1941

Doreen Dear:

Well darling on a week more and I will be off to Toronto to the sweetest little girl I know. Boy was your last letter a shock to the system as I know that you are going to be a “Big” sister to a little bundle of joy. I am sure that the shock of all the news has worn off by now, but I am cannot believe it even when I saw it on the piece of paper. Boy I just hope that your parents are handling the shock OK.
For some reason when I read your letter I remembered how much I miss you and maybe one day we will be able to celebrate similar news like your parents.
This week I didn’t do very much (as usual) Monday night I bowled. Tuesday night I went to the show. Wednesday and Friday night I went to the Y and Thursday night I went to the Red Triangle pub to play cards and ping-pong.
By the way beware of anybody that makes long loops on there writing like me. I was reading an article and it said that people that made long loops on their writing had a dirty mind, if you know what I mean. By the way I just noticed on your letters that you did too dear, so we ought to make a good team don’t you think so darling? I DEFINITELY do!
I don’t care where we go on New Years Eve dear. I’ll be so glad to be back with you that they will all look swell and Doreen I just want to say again that one thing this war did to me was make me realize how much I really do car for you and how much you fit into my life.
But I will tell you all about that when I see you dear, but I just hope that you think the same way too. You think that it is cold there but here in Ottawa we had a foot of snow on Friday and right now it is 10 below zero. I was thinking on Thursday that I would try and get down. But that snow storm stopped that.
I’m writing from the United Service Club right now and Bob has just come in and is sending out his Christmas cards. I told him I think that they will arrive late but he didn’t seem to mind.
I think I am going to try and get my annual leave the 3rd week in January. By the way I have got an invitation for 2 Christmas dinners one from Mrs. Trerney the landlady and the other from that fellow I used to go to school with who I have met here.
Well darling I guess that I will have to get going and don’t forget to write dear and I will write you back. Send my congratulations to your parents about the big news.
When I come home make sure you keep up the mistletoe until New Years and meet me under I, even though I think we do not need it.

I love you


December 11, 1941

Dear Bill

I hope all is well with you my darling, but I am surprised that I am able to write this letter as my hand and pen are shaking. I am filled with fear and I am very anxious with the news I am about to share with you.
I am almost out of breath as I ran up the stairs to get my pen and paper so that I could get my thoughts down on paper as soon as possible.
My mother is not as ill as we once thought she was. It is not something that she will easily get over as it turns out my mother is actually pregnant. I cannot believe I am writing these words down on paper for you darling but again she is PREGNANT.
We certainly thought that is was possible that she was just having stomach issues, or that there was something more ominous about her sickness but as it turns out she is going to have a baby. A Baby.
As we both have talked about before we are both only children and being the only child for the last 20 years I have got used to be being the only one for my parents.
But there you have it. My mother is going to have a baby after 20 years of having only me. I can say that I am very excited about having a brother or a sister and oh what fun it will be to have a baby that I can push around in the pram down the street. Oh I am sure that the neighbours will talk about a single gal like me pushing a baby down the street so we will have to make sure that we tell everyone that it is actually my brother or sister and not my baby.
Mom and I walked home from the doctors office and we really did not have much to say. She was very quiet and I think the news had not quite sunk in as of yet. I am sure that it will be a lot to take and they will have their hands full. Here I am a working gal and hopefully finding my true love (not hoping but actually found my true love) and I will have a baby at home. The doctor thinks that the baby will be coming some time in March so it will be a great spring!
I know that we still have not made the plans official for New Years eve yet and I will make sure that is what I will focus on this week.
Going back downstairs to be with Mother and get a cup a tea and a cookie, here is hoping that will calm her nerves.

Lots of love and Love


P.S I cannot wait to kiss you my love on New Years Eve

December 9, 1941

Doreen Darling

It is exactly 10:23 Sunday morning and I am doing exactly nothing this morning. I received your swell letter and you know how much I look forward to receiving it. But what I really am looking forward to now is that 5 days at New Years.
I’m glad to hear that you got a nice table cloth for mother. Have you decided where you would like to go New Years Eve?
Well I worked pretty hard every night last week (oh Yeah) frankly I didn’t have a thing to do. I got up at abut 11AM every morning and went to the show for 3 afternoons. But today is going to be a tough one. From this morning till 11 tonight and nothing to do but write all my girlfriends. I am goad to hear that you are getting a lot of practice washing dear. It might come in useful (I hope!)
Well as usual I haven’t much to say. Its only 2 weeks now before I will be home and I wish you knew how much I am going to look forward to seeing you again.
Ottawa really is dead from the feet up. I’d like to get back to Toronto for next summer. But time will tell. Tell my mother to let me know if she got my letter and tell her to write me soon. I wrote her last week at the same time I wrote you so she should have some letters when you did.
It snowed all day here yesterday and there is about 4 inches of snow so I guess that ends my chances of getting home till New Years. So not seeing you for that long you had better not get too close to or I am liable to eat you. You looked pretty enough the last tie I saw you and now it is going to be 2 weeks let alone 3 weeks. What are you going to wear New Years Eve and what do you want me to wear?
By the way dear, I got more money saved up than you. The only thing is I am spending money on now is that little French girl because she does not like to go out much, she would rather stay in evenings and who am I to argue…HA HA.
Well darling I think you know how much I doing really miss you dear. There are a lots of girls here in Ottawa. But as far as you are concerned you are so much more mature than them that there isn’t any comparison and as far as I am concerned it will always be that way and that means one thing I LOVE YOU and I do not care who knows it.
So write soon dear and I hope the girls in the office do not tease you any more about my telling you I love you. I see that it has just started to snow again, I just hope that the train gets through in 3 weeks because nothing is going to stop me from pulling into Toronto.
We got new Identification badges on Saturday, so that way you can always identify me. I am enclosing a couple of cartoons that I think are rather cute.
Well dear I think I had better go but write soon and behave yourself and you ought to go and listen to Artie Shaw and think of me. I just wish I could get down to you now. So don’t forget to get the tickets for New Years Eve and I will pay you when I get down.
So lots and lots and lots of love

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX these are your kisses for the week…I gave you extra

P.S. I think the jokes are funny….

November 30, 1941

My dearest Willie

I am glad that I have been receiving your letters, they truly do make the time go by quicker when I get them in the mail. I have been trying to get some new “gossip” for you but there seems to be very little that I can gather.
I met up with Marg the other day and she was telling me about Ted. I am still wondering where Ted will end up but I am sure that he will not be happy. I have been able to save up some money and I am putting it away for a rainy day. I hope that the rainy day I am thinking of is the same one you keep talking about.
The weather here has not been so nice lately. It has been raining and snowing, can you believe it. Before you know it will be Christmas, how I love the holidays.
It is too bad that you are not able to get the time off at Christmas but I am sure we will be able to make the best of the time you have off at New Years. It will be so much fun. You know how I love to dance so I am expecting you to take me somewhere, and not just your mothers house again!
My mother is still not feeling up to snuff. She is tired all the time and she seems to sleep more than usual. I have tried to get her to go to the doctor but you know how she can be. Maybe I can just over reacting and thinking bad thoughts for no reason.
I have been trying to got to bed early and get some rest as work will be very busy this month. Is there anything special that you would like for Christmas. And you cant say me because you already have that.
I am getting tired my love so I think I will have to sign off now. I will try and get more news for you to keep you up to date with what is happening here in good old Toronto as I know you miss the city.

With love and kisses

P.S See how I gave you kisses differently

November 19, 1941

Doreen Dear

This is the letter that I promised you but I’m afraid that it wont be very “newsy”. I got in at 6 on Monday morning and had 2 ours of sleep. So that was not too bad. I bowled on Monday night but I just kept my average 181.
Last night we all had to work overtime till 10 o’clock. So I had an piece of pie and a glass of milk and went to bed. So all in all it has been a pretty quite week so far. Tonight is the Y night so I think I will go to the library till it is time to go to the Y which is 8:15PM.
I am going to give Mrs. Cormack a ring tonight or tomorrow night to see how tings are.
Well, I just got some new that I just remembered. I did a coin toss up to see who would get Christmas and New Years eve off. We get 5 days from Tuesday night till Monday morning which isn’t too bad. But it is not too bad that I did not get Christmas off.
It is a really swell day here and the sun is shining real bright (darn this pen) and it is quite warm. I might take a crack at Toronto again this weekend but I don’t know yet.
Well I guess Stan is getting all set to leave and ship off. I would not be surprised if some of them get shipped off to Hong Kong or Singapore with the way the Japanese squadron is shaping up. Do you think you would like to live over there?
Mart Kenny is coming to town tonight but I think I will save my money and buy a farm or something! HA
I think that it is a good thing I’m so far away as I am from you as I would like to be able to kiss you right now. What do you think?
But as I say in all my letters I certainly do miss you. That is why I’m looking forward to seeing you on New Years Eve and more as I will be down for maire than just a day.
Well Doreen dear, that is about all I can think of for the present but I could tell you a bit more when we are alone. So hoping to hear from you soon.
I remain loyal to you with lots of love


P.S Don’t you know any cute little jokes to tell me?
P.P.S that sweater is certainly a honey. It certainly shows 2 good reasons a girl wears one AND I love every one of them and especially you
P.P.S.S Sorry I should have asked how your mother is feeling…I hope better by now.

November 3, 1941

Dearest Doreen

I received your swell letter but I am sorry to hear that your mother is pretty sick. I really hope it isn’t as serious as you imply. Well as usual things are pretty quite here. I went to Montreal on the weekend. I was going to leave for Toronto when it really started to rain and so I decided I wouldn’t go. The boys asked me if I would like a trip to Montreal so I went with them.
WE got here about 6 and looked until 630PM for a room. We then had supper. I went to a show (Dr Jekyll & Mr. Hyde). I then went for a little walk. It seems however I missed all the fuss. The rest of the boys certainly has a wild time I learn. But I will tell you all about it when I see you.
On Sunday we went to the wax museum. Then up to the ski lodge at Mount Royal and then to some Cathedral which took up most of the afternoon. We spent the rest of the time at the Y having supper. We left there at around 7 and got back at 11. All in all it wasn’t bad but I would rather have come down to Toronto (You know why).
Well Darling, I hope that you are giving THAT question lots of thought. And save your pennies and those quarters that you asked you certainly know how I feel about having money before the possibility of marriage. I’m going to try my dearest to get down this weekend. I just hope Alex does not come Saturday as I would like to have some alone time with you. And then before you know it will be snowing and then Christmas and then….OH BOY!
Wont you give me a hint about your dress because I’m really anxious to know what you expect because after all not seeing you for 2 weeks I’m likely to do anything (Aren’t you afraid of that because I’m not).
Well I’m going to write my mother now so I will have to close this letter pretty soon. I was wondering how Hazel’s sister is making out and how your mother is and how you are and all the others.
I saw Gord Bates and his wife right after their honeymoon and boy, did they look peachy. I hope you want to that to me someday (soon?)
Well dear hoping to hear from you soon.
I remain yours faithfully

Lots of love and love

P.S. I really missed you on the weekend. But here is hoping I see you soon.
P.P.S In fact I miss you all the time and really mean that

October 20, 1941

Dear Bill

I am so sorry that it has been so long since I wrote you last. Things at home have been very busy for me and the family. I have been working evenings all week and my boos has asked to come in early to help with some inventory. So of course being a good little girl that I am I said yes. We also need to the money so I guess it is a good thing that I said yes.
I has been unseasonably cold this week so thank goodness I have my extra heavy wool coat that I can wear when I walk to the street car. On Monday when I was talking the streetcar there was a fire at one of the stores and we had to wait until the fire brigade put out the fire. At least I was able to watch something as we sat. I certainly hope that no one was hurt in the incident.
Bill my love, when can we expect you to come down for another visit. I certainly enjoyed the last one….but as I told you before I am a good girl, some times. HA HA.
The other thing that has been somewhat upsetting is that my mom has been quite ill for some time, I am not sure what it is? She has been drinking a lot of milk just to make sure that she keeping up with her vitamins. She is very tired but she continues to go to work which I think keeps her mind off of what is making her ill. My dad and I just hop that it is nothing more serious.
How are you doing at your post in Ottawa? Have you been to many more dances? I hope you are being the gentleman with the gals there in town. I sure hope that they are not showing you the town and a good time.
This has to be a short note as I do not have much time as I am getting ready to go out this evening. I hope that is OK with you? I am meeting up with Hazel and I am sure she has a lot to tell me about Rex and how he is fairing now that he is not able to be part of the Air Force due to his eyes.
Lots of love and kisses and we will see you soon….and I really hope is it sooner than later

I think you noticed that I am adding more kisses for you

September 25, 1941

Dear Doreen

I was very glad to receive your letter and so I am writing to you right away.
Well I got back from Montreal OK. I went bowling Monday night and I was made a captain of the team the “Spitfires” truly good name eh? Tuesday night I was pretty tired so I went to bed at 9 o’clock. Last night I went to the show and “Dr. Kildares Marriage” It was a pretty sad picture, I don’t know whether you have seen it or not but its good for a weep if you haven’t. In the picture Molly Lamont the nurse Dr. Kildare is going to marry gets killed the night before the wedding but I wont tell you anymore.
I had my supper her at the I.O.D.E (United Service Club) so I am writing on their stationary. Th etc.ey have the place pretty well fixed up with a radio Victrola etc. We have some popular recordings too eg. Jimmie Dorsey, Glen Miller “Do you” etc. They say Artie Shaw was pretty good here last night. By the way if you haven’t got that recording don’t bother getting “I’d go out of my way” by Jan Savitt, its not very good.
I don’t think that I will be able to get down for a month or so but I will try and get down just the same. It costs $5.90 by bus and if I can leave Saturday afternoon I would get there late Saturday night, but I will let you know when I can get down.
Its too bad you cant come down here for a couple of days. We are having a dance on the 30th of October and its a Thursday. Try and get off for Thursday and Friday and Saturday morning. I’ll pay for your transportation here.
By the way dear do you know how much I miss you? Well I will tell you when I see you but I want you to know I do miss you an awful lot. Its pretty lonely here without you but I’ll be seeing you soon I hope.
I am supposed to get another blue uniform but my kit sheet is not here from Belleville yet and I cant get it. I would rather be at a station than here. Its more fun and a bit more adventurous. Why cant you see what you can do about me being posted to a different station?
By the way why cant you write the joke in your letters.
Why don’t you try and get a job at the C.N Telegraph (Newspaper) it would be more money for us later on and you know there are always likely to be new arrivals (get it!) I get paid $36.00 on Tuesday for 2 weeks, not too bad eh?
I have not got an answer yet form my mother yet but there might be a letter at home from me. If she has not written tell her to write soon. By the way you wanted to know what the landlady’s daughter was like. She is about 27, a spinster rather tall and thin not a bad girl but a bit queer.
I was in bed the other night when she yelled to someone to help her. So I ran downstairs to see what was the matter and she pointed at a spider. She was scared stiff. But otherwise she is alright.
Well cutie I guess I’ll have to beat it or someone will think that I am proposing in the letter. (not a bad idea) the way I feel. So don’t forget to write soon and ill try and get down within 2 or 3 weeks or so.

Lots and lots of love

And behave yourself now and here’s hoping I see you soon in that new dress you said you might be getting.

September 21, 1941

Hello Dear

Just a little line to let you know I got your welcome letter? But as I explained to my mother everything is OK because 10 minutes before I got your letter I found a purse with $11.15 in it so I am still a $11.15 up in my expenses for us.
I am glad to hear that you are well rested up. Stay that way till I get back. I saw Ted last night and his finger is in a bandage. I don’t think it was very badly hurt. Jim was with him. I am writing from the “Y” here and it is really a swell place. There is jam and candy all over the place.
Toronto is still a nicer place I think. I saw Ronnie but they are living in the city now. He is going to join up soon but he doesn’t know what the military is really a wold place. I am glad I got through last night safe. I will tell you all about what I saw last night at another time. It reminds me about that joke you told me.
This place is really wide open but believe it or not I was in bed by 12 o’clock or a little later. There are shows open today (Sunday) and the dances open at 2 o’clock this afternoon. I came down with a married couple and we are going home at 5 o’clock.
There are 5 service men (English) besides my room and they are very funny. They are phoning up some girls and they seem to have some difficulty in making them understand their accent.
I have been talking with a navy fellow for the last day and a half who has really been travelling. He would rather be in the Air Force but her cant get out of where he is now.
He is been travelling for the last 2 weeks and all he has eaten is cold canned stuff.
Heavens, when I read the first of your letter I thought something awful had happened. I had envisioned of other things (guess what) but I am glad that you reported that it was nothing serious.
But I told my mother not to worry about some of the money I have been spending. It is not a lot and I will make sure that I am saving what I do not spend.
My inoculations are fine now. I wasn’t actually sick, but I didn’t feel A-1. By the way I don’t know if I told you but Artie Shaw is coming on the 22nd here and Bert Niosi is coming on the 2nd of October. The Modernaires are going to the Palais Royale I hear.
Well I guess I better be on my way, I have a lot to see and I hope I will be hearing from you soon. I think I will swipe a pocket full of candy and buzz off.

Lots of love and love

These kisses are special stock

September 18, 1941

Doreen Dear

I certainly had an awful time on that train on our way to Ottawa. I slept off and on until we got here at 8 o’clock in the morning. We reported right straight here and then we went looking for a place to board. What a time. We saw some of the dirtiest houses I think I ever saw. I was really afraid to go into some of them and I think you understand what I am saying. Well we finally found a place a half an hour walk away from the Headquarters.
But it is really a swell home. It is a private home and a woman and her daughter live there alone and we both now having singles beds to ourselves. I really is ok.
Ask Mom to write as soon as she can and of course you too. My new home address is:
97 Preston Street
Ottawa, Ontario
Write here rather than the headquarters and you will get an answer quicker.
We had more inoculations today and Doreen I am afraid that I wont be able to write much more to you today because I don’t quite feel up to it. I will write to you on Monday or tomorrow as I will feel a little more settled and will have a clearer mind to write down what is going on here.
Well I will close now Doreen but I will be expecting to hear from you soon

Yours Very Truly

Lots of love Dear and lots and lots of kisses
If the folks decide to come down for a visit don’t forget to come too.