July 27th, 1942

Hello Darling

Well dearest here I am again and just think it will be a week today and you will be home and oh darling believe it or not but I am just counting the hours till I see you. I was going to write you last night but I didn’t get the chance and I guess dear this will be the last letter you will receive until you come home because darling this week I am going to be rushed off my feet.
Are you getting a wee bit nervous? I am a wee bit. I hope you know me when you come home, I have lost some weight. I don’t know how much but I know I have because I haven’t been to my bed for so long and the excitement. Anna lost 5 pounds before she was married so I guess we are all the same as it is the most important thing in our lives. But you have put weight on sot hat will make up for it.
They say that once I am married I will put a lot of weight on (I wonder why) but I hope I do not put too much weight on as clothes are easier to buy when you are small.
So you think Dot McKee would be better than me eh? Well maybe you are right but I don’t think so because she is an old hand at the game and I would rather learn with someone I love. I met her boyfriend on Saturday and boy what a guy. I don’t know if he will be coming to the wedding or not but he seemed quite anxious to come (after he saw me HAHA) Boy do I like kidding myself.
I got the wedding license dear on Friday. Your Mother went to the Parliament and got a duplicate of your birth certificate which was $1.50. Then from there we went to City Hall and they even took the duplicate certificate so now that 2 of yours they got. I asked if I could take it back but they would not give it to me. They asked a few questions and then I had to put my right hand on the Bible and swear that the answers I had just given were the truth, then I finally got our license which was $5.00.
I have received 3 more wedding gifts one from Hazel and Rex a lovely cushion and my sheets came from Peg and Alf on Saturday and today Aunt Lizzie sent me over a silver candy dish.
Darling I am certainly looking forward to that nice surprise you are going to give me and don’t let me down. So one of the fellows showed you some of the pages from his fiancée, well I certainly hope you do not show my letters to the boys, because darling these letters are for your eyes only.
I have another surprise for you. 2 Air force fellows are staying at our place. 1 is Marg’s cousin from Scotland and the other is his chum from England, Ian that’s Marg’s cousins name he is quite a big fellow. He weighs about 175 pounds and has black wavy hair. He is very nice and is 21 years old and his chum is about 20 years old and is very short.
Auntie Jessie got a letter from Ian Saturday saying that they would be arriving Sunday morning so Marg went down to the station to meet them and I had to get up at 6AM. I really did not want to go down but about 7 months ago he sent me a picture of himself in his uniform and as we had never met him they thought I should go. They arrived at 7:30AM and I was the ne who picked him out of the crowd.
How I got his picture is that I used to write him about 3 years ago but then I stopped after a year. He kept on writing me but he then eventually stopped but I think I told you all this already.
They are shipping out in August and we asked them if they could stay for the wedding but they were not sure.
Dad took us for a ride this afternoon then at night we went over to Island. Ian, Marg Norman and myself. I hope you don’t mind Bill, and I don’t think you will because you have my heart. They wanted me to go to the Seabreeze dancing to night but I told them to phone Irene as I was tired and wanted to write your letter. But they went and Dad drove them.
I had to work tonight but this is my last night I have to work as I am leaving on Thursday and Charlie said I wouldn’t have to work anymore.
Gosh Bill the more I think of our wedding the more excited I get. If you only knew how I am counting the days till I see you but you will find out when you come home. Marg had a letter from Ted but he isn’t getting his leave as they are not being posted yet.
Please excuse dear the different writing paper but I have run short of the other paper and I am now using Marg’s. I guess I will get shot when she finds out.
Well dear I will finish now but please write and let me know what time you will be arriving because I want to come down to the station to meet you because I couldn’t sit still waiting for you at home. So darling don’t expect anymore mail from me this week, so I will say goodnight dear until I see you next week, isn’t that a grand thought?

All my love darling



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