August 19th, 1942

Hello Darling:

I received you nice little letter this morning dear, so I decided I wold write to you tonight. I guess you had received my other letter today. Well dear I was very glad to get you letter because I was anxious to hear if you got home OK. Now I feel better.
You were wondering dear if I felt better and I feel grand and just raring to go. I guess I will just have to get used to the fact that you are not around and that makes me very blue. I wish you were home to sleep with me, gosh I miss you when I go to bed. I am sleeping by myself because I have the middle room to myself now. Darling I don’t know how I can last 3 months but as you say perhaps I will see you before 3 months are up (I hope).
I went to the show with Marg and Irene last night. Mother and I went downtown yesterday and Mother enjoyed herself because she hasn’t been down for a long time. We met Marg and went to lunch with her and I also met a lot of the kids from the office. I was looking for Dot but I did not see her.
I also went to the bank yesterday and opened a joint bank account and didn’t have any trouble. I didn’t even have to get a slip for you to sign, they just asked your name. I went to the Bank of Toronto at the corner of Dewhurst and Danforth.
You were saying dear, buy a fur coat if I wanted to, well darling that was grand of you to tell me to buy one dear the one I want is over $200.00 and darling we cant afford that but maybe some year I will get one but I am in no hurry.
I bought a black cloth coat with a big silver fox collar, it is very nice Bill and I think I will get a silver fox muff and a plain little black hat. How does that sound to you? I got the coat for $69.50 because it is what they call the August sale and if I waited until September it would have been $85.00 as they all go up 20%.
I went down the Danforth with Mother and Beverley this afternoon and I went in with our pictures and paid the other $4.00. I am getting them back next Wednesday.
You were saying dear that I could take some of our wedding money to pay for my bills and I took the taxi money and picture money out of the $15.00 you left. I am going to get all my sliver because the girl was telling me that by next year I probably wouldn’t be able to get it. To get all my sliver it is going to cost me $32.00 so I have the $25.00 Aunt Agnes gave us and I will add in the rest and by the time I get my 10% Eaton’s discount I will only be out about $4.00 so that isn’t bad.
I was talking to Doris last night and she was telling me that Tom Bradbeer is in the Air Force and is stationed in Ottawa. He was home for his leave last week and phoned Doris but she was out so he told Mrs. Moore.
So you saw Ted on Monday. I am glad you did and so is Marg. She had mail from Halifax from him today but it wasn’t a letter it was just an Air Force Handkerchief? Gee he sure is a long way from home now.
You were saying dear that you feel like a different man since you are married and so do I dear. I can’t explain how I feel but I am so happy and much in love with you. I can’t seem to find the right words to express myself but you know how I feel.
I have not started to work yet, I will give the fellow a phone tomorrow again as I am getting fed up staying home. I will give him this week and if I don’t hear from him I am going out to look for a job. I shouldn’t have a hard time getting one because there are lots of jobs. Marg McLeod told me to try where she works at the Wartime Price and Trade board as they need girls but we will wait and see.
Well darling I guess that is all for now because I want to catch the mail again but I wil write you on the weekend.
So write soon dear. Would you like me to send you down anything? Do you think if I sent you cookies that they would keep ok? Let me know.
Loving you and missing you very, very much darling
Love from your skinny as a picket fence wife


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