July 20, 1942

Hello Darling:

Here I am again, that wife of yours to be (Oh boy). How are you dear? I have not received any word from you since last Wednesday, I thought I would have had one letter on Saturday or today at the most as you said in your letter that you would perhaps write me on Wednesday but as yet no luck. What’s the matter with you, I used to receive2 a week but you are slipping?
Well darling it is now about 10:30PM. I did not come home for supper because I went right to the hairdressers and then from there I dropped in to Auntie Bessie’s’ and I have just came in. Auntie Jessie is here tonight.
What have you been doing? I was talking to your Mother on Saturday and she was saying that she had a letter from you. I am glad because you haven’t written her for about 2 weeks and she was saying that is was a nice big letter from you with lots of news in it and how you had been on watch at the Officer’s Mews.
I am going over to get the license on Thursday, I will go over on my lunch hour and Charlie (that’s my boss) told me to take as long as I want because it will probably take a few hours to get one because there is always a line up.
I am anxiously waiting your letter Bill because I don’t know if you want me to ask Dave Miller or not to be an usher because as I said in my last letter I do not want to wait until the last minute.
We have received 2 wedding presents already. A nice table lamp from grandpa and a beautiful 7 way lamp from Auntie Bessie, Irene and Jessie. It lights up from the bottom of the stand too, it is great big lamp gosh, I don’t know where to put all my stuff, I guess I will have to put some over at your Mother’s place if she will let me.
I was up at Doris’ with Marg on Saturday afternoon to have the final check up on our dresses and boy, it was so warm in her apartment then we have to go and have our hats tried on so we had a busy Saturday . Then I was going to the show Saturday night but we had 3 of the finest storms I have ever seen, they were like hurricanes. We had the first one Friday night and boy was it bad. The thunder and lightening was very bad, Marg and I were supposed to go to Doris’ then but we couldn’t get out. Then Saturday it was a grand day and boy was it warm. I was just getting ready for the show when the 2nd storm started and it kept up till well on in to the wee hours of Sunday morning.
Marg went over to stay with Mrs. Simpson as she did not like to stay by herself because Mr. Simpson was out all night on account of the storm. All the lights went out about 12PM, gee its too bad you were not home. Then we were all set to go out to Jackson’s Point Sunday as it was very warm but just as we got into the car the 3rd storm started and it kept up all afternoon and all evening. So all in all we have had a rainy week.
Bill dear, I am having my girlfriend Dot McKee coming to our wedding and boy, there is one girl I want you to meet, boy what she doesn’t know about life. I think her and Jack Dowds should make a good pair. She had just come back from her holidays up at Deer Lodge for 2 weeks and out of all that time she was only undressed twice, to go to bed. She used to spend so many nights in this guys cabin and so many other nights in this other guys cabin and when I say nights I mean NIGHTS. She would never leave their cabins until 8AM. I know she is a wild one but there is something about her which I like so she should be quite a guest at our wedding don’t you think?
Dad is listening to the news and Mother is feeding Beverley a bottle and after I finish your letter I am going to hit the hay as I will be very busy this week. Tomorrow night I have to go down to have a fitting on a dress that a lady is making, then Wednesday night Marg and I have to go down and get our dresses from Doris, then Thursday I am going over to see your Mom and Pop.
Marg gets her cedar from Ted this week and Mr. & Mrs. Simpson are going on their holidays so Marg will have to get it this week so I guess there will be some excitement around her. Oh by the way she gets about 3 letters a week from Ted, I know I shouldn’t be selfish because I will have you all to myself in about 2 weeks and Marg won’t be seeing Ted till the last 2 weeks in August or the first 2 in September.
Mother and Dad are having great fun with Beverley, she is pulling on Dad’s hair, she is quite a big baby now.
Well darling I will finish now, but I will write you either on Wednesday or Thursday and hoping I have letter from you tomorrow.
All my love dearest



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