October 16th, 1944

Hello Darling;

Well dear I received your very welcome letter yesterday and was very glad to hear that everything is OK. It is a miserable wet cold day here today and I guess that I will be wearing my grey coat before very long. Things are very quiet around here. I went to a show yesterday and spent most of the day just sleeping. I was in bed by 10 o’clock and I really feel good today.
Well dear I could have had a three day pass on the weekend but I thought I would take it next weekend if everything is under control by then if you know what I mean. So write back dear and let me know if you think I should come down this weekend or not.
Things are just about the same down here, still a lot of talk about moving but nothing definite as yet. They are setting up a discharge board here but for the time being it is just going to handle transfers tot he army.
I guess today is the day Donna get all her shots. Poor little thing, I feel sorry for her but it is better than getting the disease.
By the way dear I was talking to the rehabilitation officer and it seem that here will be land for us in Agincourt after the war. There is bus service and train service into Toronto every day and it is only 10 miles outside of Toronto. That sounds pretty good dear. I think I will go up that way when I a home on the weekend. I have been doing a lot of planning lately and if you are agreeable to that is just where I would like to lie. It seems the train would go through Leaside and you could catch the bus that takes you there. But I guess that will be a while yet darn it.
I just feel like a lot of loving this weekend dear so I hope you are ready for me to come home. Just let me know when you think the best time will be for me to come back down there as I know that you are busy and I want to make sure that we have time together.
Well dear that is all for now but if I am not coming home this weekend I will write you on Wednesday or Thursday and so dear, for now, All my love,



October 13th, 1944

Hello dear,

Well darling I hope you made it home OK and that you had a pleasant trip back down there. When you leave I certainly do get blue because I get used to you being home and I can pretend that we are in our own little house just the three of us. But enough about that, it will all work out soon enough.
The Christening was certainly very special for me as well dear. It was so nice that you were able to come down and be here for it. Having all of our family and friends there meant the world to me. Watching Beverley run up and down the aisles as so cute at first, but as you can imagine, Mother was not happy when we got home as Beverley was on her high horse for the rest of the evening.
It was nice to see Dot come and join us at the Christening. Did you get a chance to speak to her dear? I was only able to get a few words in, but I was a little concerned that she might have had a beverage or two before coming to the church. I hope all is OK with her.
It was nice t have Jessie there as well now that she is engaged to Percy. I wonder where he will end up and I hope you get a chance to see him when you get back.
Everything else is going fine dear, and I have been thinking about we will do when this war is over, specifically where we will live. I am hoping that we can find a nice place close to my parents or your parents so that we will not have to be far away when either of them need something.
Also darling, I need to take Donna to get her shots soon as she is the right age to get her first round of shots. I am not looking forward to it seeing as she loves to scream at the top of her lungs when she really wants something or is not happy.
I had a lovely if not quite birthday this year, and I cannot believe that I turned 23! Where has the time gone dear, and before you know it the both of us will have grey hair! I wonder what that will be like when it happens but that is something that I am not planning for right now.
Well darling that is about all and I will close this letter letting you know that I love you from the bottom of my heart and please let me know when you are panning your next visit.
With all my love,



October 11th, 1944

Hello Darling;

Well here it is Wednesday afternoon and so I thought I would drop you a line dear and let you know that everything is fine down here and I am raring to go on another 48 hour leave.
Well, Percy has gone. I arrived back to late to be able to see him, it is too bad but I guess that he maybe wanted to go.
I had a wonderful time when I was home dear, but as usual it went too quick. I am really glad that I was there for the Christening dear as it was quite a proud moment for me because I think out little darling is just about the cutest thing I have seen for a long time. She really is a dear (Just like her mother).
Well there is not very much that is new around here. The weather today is really grand, but I guess that I will get my old grey cost out for another winter. I am going to try and get a new one, and some of the lads are going downtown to do some shopping so I will see how I make out.
I’ve just finished eating a huge dish of ice cream that cost only 5 cents. How about you and I going up to Donlands Dairy this afternoon for one of those milk shakes, boy do I wish I could!
Out train was about 2 hours late getting in on Monday morning. There was a freight train that had jumped the rails, just the other side of Oshawa and it help us up so I did not get in until 8:30 but it was OK and they did not saying anything to us service boys.
Monday night I saw a good picture at the station show with Benny Goodman, it was really OK.
The rumor’s about moving the station are really flying around. Everywhere from Moncton to Vancouver have been suggested. I really think that something is in the air but just what I do not know. I would rather go to Vancouver of course but they wont ask me what I would prefer.
I hope you had a nice Birthday dear, how does it feel to be 23? Boy we are certainly getting up there aren’t we? The time really slips by, well darling I think I will close now but I will write you on Friday or Saturday and so dear as always,
I remain your loving husband,



September 26th, 1944

Hello darling;

Just a few lines yo let you know I arrived OK Sunday after a real nice trip. It was a very nice day and I just wished that you and the baby had been with me as I am sure that you would have enjoyed it.
There was only about 7 people in the coach until we got to Kingston and from there on it was pretty well filled up. But if you came down during the week I think that you would almost have the coach to yourself, that is you and the baby.
Well, things are pretty well the same. Please tell Percy to look me up because I might be able to do something for him.
Sunday night I arrived in about 5 o’clock. I worked until 10 o’clock and went right to bed. Last night I went to the Hospitality House and played records, they had just bought 20 new ones and they were really swell. I guess I will take in the show on the station tonight.
Well dear I really had a swell time on my leave (despite some things) but the baby is certainly lovely isn’t she? I really am proud to be her father and you really make a wonderful mother. Of and of course you have always made a wonderful wife, HA HA.
I am glad that we all could spend some time together and it was dandy that everyone came over for supper. It was just such a shame that Marg and the baby we too preoccupied at the Simpson house to come over. I know how you feel dear and you are worried that those people will not let Marg leave the house. I hope that you and her can find a way to get her out and go for a walk with the babies. I can only imagine what they have her doing and what they are saying to her. I am so glad darling that you have such a loving family that supports you.
The weather today was rather miserable this morning but now the sun is shining and I really feel like a million bucks!
Well dear I guess that is about all for now but I will drop you a few more lines around Thursday or Friday so hurry up and write those letters back to me.
So until then dear, I remain,
Your very loving husband,



September 15th, 1944

Hello dearest;

Well here it is Friday afternoon and a very wet one too dear, so I thought I would write you and give you all the latest news.
I received your letter dear and was glad to hear that Jessie is going to get married. I think that Percy is a nice kid and I just hope that they get along and are as happy as we are darling.
Well dear I have had a rather quite week and It gave me time to just think about how much I really love you darling. I really do love you more than anybody or anything else in this world dear and I think our baby is really a darling thanks to having such a swell mother.
By the way dear, I think I will go out looking for a place for us dear down here. I could have had an apartment but it was $12 a week and that is rather expensive but I think we could get a place and as it is only a 6 hour trip for the baby I think that we could make it but I will talk it over with you when I come home next month, but in the meantime I will keep an eye open for a real nice place here because darling I am very lonesome for you and certainly do miss you an awful lot. I think it would be just grand if you could come down here and live. I know that this would be a big ask of you, seeing as you have so many responsibilities down there, but I think it might be time for us to start thinking about our futures, what do you say to that?
You certainly have had a real busy week haven’t you dear? Don’t overdo it now though because you are a very bust girl as it is.
I expect to do a little golfing on Sunday dear if the weather is OK. I wish I had gone last week as it was a grand day.
Well darling that is about all for now but loving you with all my heart.
your loving husband,



September 10th, 1944

Hello Dear;

Well here it is Sunday afternoon so I thought I would go for a walk and here is where I ended up. I am at the Canadian Jewish Congress Servicemen’s Centre. I’ve just had my supper and played a game of ping pong so I thought I would write you a letter dear and let you know I am OK and everything is going along fine.
I had a pretty good trip back dear and managed to get a few winks in. Things were pretty quite Friday and Saturday and I took in a show last night.
Well dear I really had a lovely leave thanks to you, oh boy, and I think our little girl is the cutest thing going and the time will soon go until I come home again to the both of you.
Well dear has Jessie heard from Percy yet? I will try and get down for the wedding but I can’t definitely say until the last moment so don’t count on me at all. I think it is just grand that Jessie has found someone and that they have decided to get married. I know how much I love my married life WINK WINK.
There is another fellow writing a letter across the table from me here, who lives off of Broadview and who has a daughter too. He knows Alfie Cormack. He is stationed at Lachine and is a real nice fellow. We have been chumming around together lately.
Dear, will you send my collar clip down if you can find it. I think that I must have left it up there somewhere. I was going to play golf today with Norm but he decided to go home and so I didn’t have anything to do, so I slept in until 11 o’clock this morning.
Well dear I am afraid that is about all for now but I just want to add that I love you very much dear and I had a really wonderful time when I was home (especially with you, oh boy) and so to you and our dear daughter dear,
All my love,



P.S When you wear that little brown sweater dear, don’t let anyone pull the wool over your eyes.

August 29th, 1944

Hello Darling;

I received your very nice letter about an hour ago and so I will answer it right away. I received your card yesterday and I was very glad to received it as well and to hear that you had a very nice time in Niagara Falls.
I had a real swell time on Sunday myself dear. I went golfing as I mentioned and it was really a grand day. The weather was great and it really was a super day to be out on the course. Norm and I and a couple of other fellows went, we had roast duck for supper.
Last night Norm and I went to the hospitality house and had some good games of ping-pong. Tonight we will be working on getting our club fixed up and I guess I will take in the station show. When I get down there I think it would be a grand idea for you and I to go somewhere for a day or so. I will get the necessary forms so I can go across the border. I was thinking you might like to go to some summer hotel up North for a day or 2 but we can decide where we will definitely go when I come home. It has been so long since we’ve been by ourselves that I am rather afraid I will not know what to do with myself, but I am guessing that we can figure it out.
I was rather afraid that this might be a bad time to come home because of the intensity of work and how the war is shaping up. But I think I will be able to manage it.
I am very glad to hear that “toots” is doing so well but what did you expect coming from parents like us (ahem). Boy am I a proud Pop though all i want is three more (Isn’t that fun!)
As far as I know now dear I will be home Friday night as usual.
Well darling hoping to be seeing you Friday and so until then dear, from the bottom of my heart, all my love to you and our baby,
Your loving Husband,



August 27th, 1944

Hello dear;

Well darling I finally received your very nice letter and I am glad to hear that you are fine and have been taking care of yourself. We had the most dandy time this weekend and I want to tell you all about it.
Mom and Pop surprised me and took me to Niagara falls. It was such a lovely road trip and dear, the baby was so well behaved in the car. The entire family left on Friday after work and we headed down to the Falls. The four of us decided to stay in a lovely little motel along the highway before Niagara falls and we brought our supper with us. We sat outside and had a little picnic and Beverley was so excited to see the falls. The baby slept most of the time during the day but boy go boy was she ever cranky at night. I guess she is so used to sleeping in her basinet that being away from it was horrible for her at night. None of us got much sleep.
The next day we went to the falls and dear it was just lovely. It was sunny and beautiful and we walked all along the falls. I was glad that we brought a pram for both the baby and Beverley as we walked quite a distance.
We decided to have lunch outside and we all had a hot dog, of course everyone but the baby. She was so good to take to her formula. After lunch we headed back to Toronto but not before I sent you a post card. I certainly hope it makes it way to you soon.
Today it has been rainy and Marg came over with the baby. She certainly is a chubby one. It was nice to sit and talk with Marg and she seemed to be in better spirits dear as she finally received a letter from Ted. It seems he was too pre-occupied with his duties to even write her a letter. Marg was fine with that response but dear, if that was me you certainly would have gotten an ear full from me in my next letter to you. How lucky I am that I do not have to worry over such things.
When you come home, which will be very soon, I would love it if we too could get away for a day or two, but we can decide all of that once you are back home with me.
So with that darling I will end this letter here but asking you to please hurry home so I can give you a very big kiss, and I am sure that “Toots” will want to do the same. Loving you from the bottom of my heart,
You loving wife,



August 26th, 1944

Hello Darling:

I am sorry that I am rather late in writing you dear but I’ve really had a very busy week.
I received your very nice letter dear and was very glad to hear that everything is fine with you, but I was sorry to hear that Pop had lost another tire on his car. Oh well the war shouldn’t last too long now. I figure 2 months more and the European war will be over anyways.
It has turned quite chilly down here and I have a couple of blankets on my bed. I like sleeping when it it chilly or I should say I like going to bed when it is chilly so I hope it is nice when I come home this weekend. I will be home for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday also dear so that will make a nice leave.
I really have not got any news for you. I am fine and looking forward very much to be with you and the baby. I think I will be golfing tomorrow if the weather is nice. Oh by the way dear will you have my back suit pressed for me and I think I will wear it down when I come home.
I am taking a Legion Course on Insurance selling and I am very interested in it. i think that is a pretty good thing to get into and I think that I could really do alright at it when this darn war is over like I said.
I am certainly looking forward to my leave with you and the baby darling as I really miss you an awful lot and I have got to make up for lost time with you.
So for now dear all my love.
Your loving husband and Pop,