July 26, 1942

Hello Darling:

I received your very welcome letter this Sunday morning and I am going to answer you right now. It is about 6 o’clock and I’ve just returned from a little hike and swim. I went with 2 of the boys in our section and we had a pretty fair time but nothing like the times I had with you darling and like the times we are going to have next week.
I can hardly realise that I’m going to be your husband dear, but I’m going to say that no one will love his wife anymore than I do mine, and there is only one really way of proving that. I guess you didn’t receive my last letter until after you wrote yours or you would have know what happened to the mail. I was such bad weather down here 3 or 4 days last week that the air mail was held up both coming and going. So I hope that it doesn’t make you feel that I was forgetting you dear because you know I will never do that.
Well last week was pretty uneventful as things were pretty slack but I think that next week will be a little busier. I think that I told you in my last letter that we might be going out to our summer camp for a couple of days. I won’t mind that a bit because I don’t expect to get much rest on my leave. In fact I’m hoping that I don’t get ANY rest. I hope understand what I mean.
I guess I will go to the station show here tonight. I don’t know what the picture is but there is nothing else much doing so that will keep me out of mischief.
So Marg and Doris had another shower for you boy dear, you are certainly going to look pretty with all your new clothes and all that nice lingerie. I won’t be able to wait and see you in it, in fact I would like to see you in it right now.
Well dear I hope to get away Saturday afternoon that will get me in Toronto Monday morning but I’ll telegraph from Montreal dear if I get away earlier or later so you can figure on me getting in Monday morning for the present.
So you got Billy MacKenzie for an usher that is OK with me. I hope that you don’t have any trouble getting the license dear, because I would certainly hate to hold things up on account of that. But I don’t think you will have any trouble once you get my birth certificate. Have you got the gifts for the boys yet dear but I knew you will get them something nice so I won’t worry about that.
I will write you on Wednesday honey and give you the last word about when I expect to leave here so I expect to have a letter from you by then dear.
Oh darling if you only realized how much I’m looking forward to next week and to get back to you so you better be the one to look out at the station. I certainly hope that you are getting lots of rest because I know you will not be getting any for the next 2 weeks.
Well darling that is about all for now but by this time next week I’ll be pretty well home and then I’ll be able to tell you all the little things I can’t write down here.
With all my love I remain your loving husband to be



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