July 23rd, 1942

Hello Darling:

I received your weee note yesterday but didn’t get a chance to answer it till tonight. I see by your letter that you wrote it on July 17th but did not post it until July 19th, what were you doing with it for 2 days? I’ll bet you had it in your pocket all the time and it was the 22nd when I received it so now O’l thing you have 2 letters to answer for me, besides this one because I wrote you last Friday and Monday and now tonight.
Gosh am I busy just now but I always find the time to write you so old dear you had better have a good excuse for waiting so long to write. Well now that I have that off my chest I feel better.
It is now about 10:30PM and why am I writing this late is because I have just come home from work. It is stock taking time on our office and boy are we busy. I have to work tomorrow night and Saturday afternoon and probably some nights next week but I am going to tell him I can’t because I will be busy all next week getting everything in shape for my trousseau tea next Friday night. Gosh darling the time is sure going fast but it can’t go too fast for me.
So you think that the train gets into Toronto at 7AM, well dear I will be down there with bells on and I assure you I will not be responsible for what I do to you at the station. Well dear I have been a busy girl this week.
Tuesday night Dad drove Mother and the baby and myself down to have a fitting on the dress. Then we went and picked up 2 pictures that Mother was having made for me, then from there we went to Auntie Bessie’s. I really intended to go to bed early but it was about 12 when I hit my bed.
Then last night as I guess you know I had another shower which is my 4th one. It was held in Doris’ apartment but Marg helped her with it. It was a lovely shower. I keep telling myself over and over again what a lucky girl I am with all the lovely gifts and also getting the grandest MAN in the world for my husband.
I had a personal shower, that means, things for me to wear. Your Mother was there and also my Mother, Aunt Agnes, Aunt Mattie wasn’t there because she had not been feeling well this last week but she sent me a lovely gift of bath salts and soaps so oh boy should I smell nice.
Irene Stallon was there, remember we went to a party 2 winters ago at her house on Salmon Ave?
I got 2 slips, panties, lipstick from Anna, sports skirt, stockings, gloves, handkerchiefs, aprons. I got the panties from your Mother with a cute verse which I will let you see when you are home.
I tried to get a hold of Dave Miller last night but when I phoned I got Loraine. She said he was shipped out to British Columbia and will not be home until at least September. So I decided that I would ask Bill McKenzie for an usher because he is so tall, so he said OK. I hope you don’t’ mind me asking him dear but I didn’t know who else to ask and the time is getting short.
Well dearest I went over to get the license today on my lunch break. Mother came over with me and I filled in the form and everything but they wouldn’t give it to me because I didn’t have your birth certificate and I told him that is was in Ottawa and he said to me to go over to the Parliament buildings and pay $1.50 and get a duplicate. So I phoned your Mother and she knows a friend who works there, I forget the name of the person and your Mother has to meet them tomorrow and they will get the duplicate. Then I will meet your Mother at 12 o’clock and go over and try and get it again tomorrow.
When I met Mom downtown today she bought us a pair of blankets for a wedding present and when we take up house she is going to give us something else. Gosh dalring you will be home so soon and I have so much to tell you but I can’t put it in a letter but we only have another week dear.
Are you getting nervous? I am a wee bit but not too much. Everybody is surprised to find me so clam but I told them not to let my looks fool them.
Did I tell you I had a letter from Jan and that she will get down for my wedding but Jack can’t get off work. Marg is all excited today because she got her cedar chest from Ted. It is very nice and it is very much like mine. She had a letter from him yesterday and he is being posted again but he doesn’t know where to so I think that he is taking his leave the 27th of this month so Marg is just waiting to hear more definite news from him but I cant take a chance and have him for an usher just in case he doesn’t get to come home.
yes darling I certainly do remember coming down to the Exhibition to see you and what a thrill I got when I saw how handsome you looked in your uniform. Gosh darling I don’t think you know how proud I am of you but I think you do know how much I love you and also how proud I am of you.
Well dearest I guess I will have to finish now because my eyes are just closing and could keep on writring for hours but I will write you again on Sunday. Well darling good night for now and hoping to have a letter from you tomorrow but I guess you have been busy so I will forgive you

Loving you with every beat of my heart (And I mean that dear)



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