March 13th, 1946

Hello dearest;

Well darling here it is Wednesday morning at 9 AM a little early for letter writing perhaps but I am sitting here doing nothing so I thought it would be a good time. I have received your letters OK. I got 4 letter together on Monday, 2 from you and 2 from Mom and Pop. I really do not know what held them up, quite likely that they did not know where I am seeing as I am moving around quite a bit.
Well, I am still getting every afternoon off, boy I must be the highest paid guy for doing nothing in England, it is a disgrace really, the poor taxpayers.
There is certainly a lot happening next month isn’t there? Donna’s birthday party, your cousin getting married and maybe I will be coming home. Raymond did not take very long to decide to get married did he? I think I met the girl once, she seemed to be a pretty nice kid, and I guess he is no younger than we were when we got married and I have never been sorry about that a day in my entire life dear.
Now let me see what I have been doing. Monday and Tuesday nights I went tot he show by myself and was in bed by 11 each night. Boy, it is certainly boring trying to pass the time at nights for what I hope is my last 2 or 3 weeks! There are about 30 guys int he office that I am in and I have the second lowest number here which means I will be the 2nd guy to go home, so it looks pretty good. Although it could be tomorrow of a month from tomorrow.
I have just received another letter of yours darling, the one you wrote in the office. I am glad to hear that everything is fine and I know how you feel because I feel the same way darling. But as I said before it will not be very long now until we are together again.
Well I see from Dads letter that school starts in October. I would like to go back but I realize that it will not be easy, and that we will both have to give up a certain amount of good times dear. But it will certainly pay us in the long run. I think I will go back to S&V until school starts or until I decide what I want to do.
Well I am going in London for a week-end. I have a room booked at the Canadian Legion this time. It will be a nice change to get away from where I have been living and it only costs 50 cents for a bed and breakfast and it is quite nice. Gosh I would have liked to been home for Raymond’s wedding. I guess there would be lots of liquor refreshments. But we will have a big “do” when I get back. So catch up on your sleep dear because I think that I will have some good news for us soon.
Well to the loveliest sweetest little girl I know, all my love darling,



March 10th, 1946

Hello Darling;

Here it is Sunday morning at 11:45 and I have just finished reading the Sunday Scandal sheet but it was very respectable this morning and there was nothing spectacular to read about. But there was 33 people killed at a foot ball game yesterday when the crowd got out of control.
Well let me see what I have done. Thursday night I went tot he show and saw “Thrill of a Romance” and it was very good and streamy. Friday night I went skating at Wembley Stadium, but yesterday afternoon I really did have a swell time. I went through the Houses of Parliament and really saw everything, it was very interesting. I picked up a couple of pamphlets and post cards, but I went to Westminster Abbey after that and that was really something and extra special. There were 6 Canadians in our party and one of the ministers took us around and showed us all the historical things and places where everybody was buried, including 4 kings of England. It will always be something for this Daddy to look back on and tell his children about.
last night I just kicked around the club and played cards and billiards. Today we have not quite made up our minds what to do yet. But I am going to see as much as I can as rumours are flying around thicker and faster than they ever were. But I am not going to get your hopes up until I can wire you and tell you for sure when to expect me, but I can tell you that things are shaping up better than I thought they would by this time.
Well I think spring is just around the corner and about time too as you just cannot seems to get warm over here no matter what you do. Thank goodness that I will be able to sit in a nice warm house and take a nice warm bath once I get home.
Well dearest, how is little Toots this week? Have you been telling her that her Daddy will be seeing her again soon and as I told you before dear, she will consider me a stranger and I will have to start over with her, getting to know her and letting her trust me but I think we will be real good friends before long.
You know that I have told you over and over again in each letter that I write you that I love you more and more each day that we are apart dear, and that we will have a wonderful life together and have a long and happy marriage that I am sure of. And now that we have Donna and possibly more little ones to come along there is nothing int he world that will make me happier than to grow old with you and watch her grow up to become an amazing woman just like her Mom.
I better end things here dear as I am getting too sentimental and I just might start swimming home from jolly old England. So as always,
All my love dear,