August 26th, 1942

Hello Darling:

I was very glad to receive your very nice letter yesterday. I didn’t really expect one for a couple of days and it certainly was a very nice surprise.
I wrote Mrs. Dean and Mr. Ingham yesterday and thanked her for the really nice time at the cabin. I expect that you will drop her some cake and a small note as well.
Well dear, nothing very much has happened since I last wrote you except that I miss you more and more and I wish that you were down here with me. I will wait till about the 2nd of September before I start looking for a place, that is if you are still thinking about joining me down here as we talked about on our lovely honeymoon. It is really too bad that more fellows can’t be stationed near home, oh well. I could be a lot worse off in the army and after what you were telling me about that article in the paper, I guess it would not be long before the army would have me and ship me out.
I am expecting a letter from my Mother because I do not know whether or not Mom and Pop have gone away again and I don’t want to write till I hear from them.
We are have an aquatic meet down here on September 7th and I have entered a few of the events. We are getting a few afternoons off to practice so that is not too bad. I hope that I am good enough in the swimming events to at least place so here is hoping. Its something to do anyways and that is one of the big worries down here, finding enough to do when we are not working.
Last night I was in bed at 10 o’clock and I feel pretty good today. I expect to go to the show tonight. I went on Monday night and saw “Mr. Dynamite” it was a pretty old picture but it was a mystery picture and I liked it.
Don’t you worry about money for me darling. I get $5.00 a week for myself and that is really to much. I haven’t anything to buy except candy and toothpaste and so as I mentioned dear don’t worry because I’ll get alone fine.
You haven’t heard anything from Eaton’s yet, well don’t worry too much because there are lots and lots of jobs open for you girls. Why don’t you put your application in where Marg McLeod told you and see what happens? You might be a lot better at it there than at Eaton’s, but its entirely up to you dear and whatever you think it best.
We really have swell hours down here. We start at about 9 and usually knock off from about 11:30 till 1:30 and from then we finish at 5. I should put weight on at that rate. I think I lost some when I was home but I had more fun loosing it then I ever had in my life. It will seem like that every time I get home, just like being on our honeymoon again dear. I have been thinking about those 2 weeks and boy, did we have fun.
You know darling I love you more than anything and more than anyone can love a girl and darling, I just hope and pray that we can have a long and fulling life together.
Darling don’t worry about me because I’ve got everything I need down here, except you, and if you were just here it would be perfect. SO chin up honey and loving you very, very much.

I remain
Your loving and devoted husband



P.S I wrote you Friday and Saturday and don’t forget to give my love to Mom and Pop Booth

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