July 17, 1942

Hello Darling:

I received your very nice letter today dear and I am answering it right away even though there isn’t very much to tell you.
I wrote my mother and my aunts and thanked them for giving you such a nice shower. You certainly must have quite a lot of lovely gifts, where are you putting them all?
Just think darling in 2 weeks from today at this time I hope to be on the train. I think that is gets into Toronto about 7 o’clock Monday morning. So you got your transfer to the College Street store that’s fine darling but we can talk that all over when I come home.
I went into town with the boys on Thursday night the first time in 2 weeks and saw that picture “Ten Gentlemen from West Point” and it certainly was a great picture wit plenty of action and fighting.
Boy darling, that promise that you made about keeping me warm I am certainly going to hold you to it. So darling don’t let me down as I promise that I will never let you down.
Have you heard anymore about moving into my Aunts’ house? I certainly hope that you get it. It is a good idea to bank the money for our bedroom suite dear because we do want everything new when we start to take up housekeeping.
Do I wish that this war was over so we could get a house of our own. But I do not think that will be very far off dear.
How does Ted like New Brunswick? I think that trip of mine has been cancelled but I might get a chance to see him. We have an orchestra here you know, well 4 of the boys used to play in Paul Fireman’s orchestra. One has brought his wife down here and so has the piano player. They are getting their leave the same time as I am. So I will have company on the way down to Toronto.
I really can’t wait to get down to the Palais with you dear, boy it really must be swell down there now and just think we wouldn’t have to hurry home and then when we did we wouldn’t have to part. That really does sound swell to me.
Right now I am looking out of our barrack’s window and it really is lovely country, trees and bushes and now a cloud in the sky. We still are having grand weather.
Have you started to knit baby clothes dear because you don’t want to leave at all to the last minute because you know how those sort of things creep up on you.
By the way do you know that I went to Trenton a year ago today, boy hasn’t that year gone by quickly. Do you remember coming down to the Exhibition that night before I left? Boy after a year in the service I guess I can consider myself a veteran.
Well dearest I guess that is about all for now but I love you with all my heart dear and I will be seeing you in two weeks. So goodbye dear.



July 16th, 1942

Hello Dearest:

I received you nice letter yesterday and I had all intentions of answering it last night but I went over to see your Mother and Dad and by the time I got home I was too late so darling, if you don’t receive this letter by Saturday you will know why.
Well darling I quit work 2 weeks from today and then dear it will only be 3 weeks until you are my husband. Oh darling I can hardly believe it’s true. I have everything near ready. I have all my clothes bought now I hope. I think I will go over and get the license next week and I will just keep my fingers crossed that I don’t have any trouble. I don’t think I will though. I am glad dear that you liked your birthday present, and I tried to get a cake sent down to you but they would not send it.
We have been having grand weather here just now and as you say it, it has been nice and warm during the day and cool at nights. I so do hope that this weather stays until August.
I am going to be all by myself tonight as Mother and Dad went out for Mr. Watts birthday and they are going to go dancing. They are getting quite lively in their old age but I don’t mind. Marg has gone out to a shower for a girl in the office and I wish you were here to keep me company.
I have not done very much this week. Monday night I went to the show with Irene and Jessie and on Tuesday I went down to see about having my dress fitted one more time and then I went up to Eaton’s and Mother and Dad picked me up. Then last night I went over to see your Mother and Dad and as usual you Dad was still painting but I think that is he is nearly finished. I saw your Mothers dress that she is wearing to the wedding and it is lovely and she should look very nice. Your Aunt Agnes has bought herself a new dress but nobody has seen it yet.
You were asking me if I had heard from Jan or Anna, well I had a card from Jan the other day and she is (FINE) except that she has not seen Jack since she went up to the lake. Did I tell you that she quit her job, she worked for about a week then quit. Her Mother has a boarding house up at Rocke’s Point so Jan went up there for about 3 weeks ago to help her Mother. She has seen Jack once since they were married and that was for 1 hour. She had to go to Niagara to see him but I hope he can het off for the wedding. I am sending her invitation tonight and I enclosed a wee note with it, so perhaps when I get a letter from her I will be able to tell you more.
Darling it’s funny but I am not afraid either although I am very excited. Every time your Pop sees me he keeps asking me if I am getting nervous. I will be getting Lloyd a pipe for his gift as that is what his Mother told me he wanted. As for Jack I will have to think of something because it is beyond me what he will want.
Dad is going to run me over to see Uncle Louie for a few minutes tonight before they go out because we are getting a table lamp for Grandpa and I have to go over and pick the one out I like the best. You Mother is going to give us our bedroom suite, I guess you know that and she was asking me if I would just take the money or would I go down and buy it, but I think dear I will take the money and bank it (wait till you come home and we can pick it out together). I was thinking that I would like everything new when we take up a house, even if it is only 2 rooms dear.
You were saying in your letter that you don’t think you will need pyjamas, well I don’t think so either because I will be so warm that I will be able to keep you warm dear. I think the Guild of Arts would be fine.
Well I went over to Uncle Louie’s to pick up that lamp and I guess you know what happened next. Auntie Lizzie had a shower for me and just as I entered the hall they started playing “here comes the Bride” and I almost fainted. I got such a shock. Pop drove me over and as I told your Mom and him were supposed to be going out so you can see all the lies they had to tell me. What a mess I was.
Your Mother and Mattie were there, your Aunt Agnes wasn’t there because she had gone to the country for the week. I can’t begin to tell you the people that were there. So many people, at least over 35! You should see all the grand things I have to show you dear when you come home.
Here are some of the things, I got another beautiful quilt from your Aunt Mattie, a pair of flannelette blankets from Mother, Marg and Aunt Jessie, a pair of sheets, 2 pairs of pillow cases (which now makes a grand total of 16) 1 pair of towels, a cup and saucer and more glass wear, 1 pair of tea towels a baking bowl from Auntie Bessie and Irene, 2 pairs of guest towels and a beautiful picture. Well dear I guess that is about all I can tell you about my shower except that you should have been there for the eats, they were grand. My 3 showers were the best showers that I have ever seen and I certainly realize how lucky I am.
If I get a chance I am going to try and go to the Imperial next week as the picture is the “birth of a Baby” and it is upposed to be a very good picture, but maybe I will wait until after we are married.
Well darling I really must go as my lunch break is over and I am writing this sitting in the bathroom stall (boy aren’t I a charmer)
So loving you very, very much dear,
All my love



P.S Write soon

July 13, 1942

Hello Darling:

I received your very nice parcel on Monday and want to thank you for sending me such very lovely presents for my Birthday. The day was very uneventful. I got a card from my Mother and one from each of my Aunts. My Mother told me that she had bought me a new pair of pyjamas for our honeymoon but I told her that I did not think that I would be using them because I have not been using pyjamas for the last month, but if you would like me to wear them I will dear.
Well darling three weeks from today and I’ll be home. See the time is going slow but it’ll get here before very long now dear. You really do not know how much I miss you and as for loving you I’ll just say wait until I get home.
One of the boy who sleeps in the bunk next to me brought his wife and baby down. He has got one room and a kitchenette. We will talk this over when I come down.
I was very glad to hear that you received such lovely things at your shower and darling you deserve the very best of everything and someday dear I hope to be able to give them all to you. Including about 3 babies but you will have to help with those but that wouldn’t be work, it’ll be fun!
The weather the last few days has been really wonderful, warm days and cool nights. That’s what I hope we have especially cool nights. I couldn’t get off the station last week as I was on duty watch. But I didn’t particularly want to go anywhere so it didn’t really bother me.
You didn’t mention that you had received my letter yet, but I guess that you’ve got it by now. I hope that will be enough money darling but if you do need anymore please let me know.
I was thinking that if the Guild of all Arts was a nice place to stay for our first night of our honeymoon or did you want to take a chance and just start out and stop at a place along the way. Either way it will be fine by me. Oh darling if you really did know how much I think of you, it might sound silly but I really do think of you every hour. And just you wait until we are married, but my imagination is starting to get away from me again and that is bad.
I am glad to hear that your little baby sister is so fine. You are so lucky that I am not fickle as I might have chosen her as you said she is very cute. Have you seen Anna or Jan lately? Is so how does married bliss suit them?
How is the cooking coming along dear. You will have to be in top shape to keep up with these Air Force cooks and especially their apple pie. I had 4 pieces of apple pie with ice cream for dinner yesterday. Boy I am a little pig.
Well dear I think that is about all for now but I will write you about Wednesday so loving you with all of my heart darling and getting very, very anxious to show you.



P.S Thank very much for the telegram dear, it really was sweet and thoughtful of you

July 12, 1942

Hello Darling:

I received your grand letter on Friday, but I thought I would wait an answer your letter tonight instead of Friday because I would have more news to tell you.
It is now about 11PM and I indented to write you sooner but we were out for a drive and did not get home until after 7 and by the time we had out supper and did the dishes it was after 8 and then Auntie Lizzie and Uncle Louie and your Mother and Father dropped in they have just left, so that is why I am so late.
Thank you very much dear for the money, I received it OK. See I told you that I would be an expense to you! I hope you don’t mind I will try and get Lloyd’s present this week and also Jacks. Bill I was thinking what about me phoning Dave Miller and asking him to be an usher, that is if he is well enough but we will have to hurry because we can’t wait until the last minute to ask somebody to be an usher, but I will wait to hear from you before I do anything.
Darling you do not know how relieved I am to hear that you can get your leave for sure, I have been keeping my fingers crossed and holding my breath and now I can breath easier. Gosh I think I will be down hours ahead of the train arrival waiting for you. Do you think you will have to wear a rose or something so I will know how you are? I was only kidding dear as I can pick you out of a million Air Force fellows. I liked the pictures very much Bill, I think you have put on weight (oh boy) and Bob looks good too.
So you are not sleeping so good eh? I am having the most marvelous dreams, remind me to tell you about them when I see you.
So you might be taking a trip to Pennfield Ridge and you thought you might be able to see Ted, well strange as it may seem that is where Ted is now so if you got here be sure to look him up. His Mother had a letter from him and he said he said he was in some god forsaken hole and is about 20 or 30 miles from the nearest town. He was getting a 48 hour leave this weekend but he didn’t know where he was going. His number is R108827 #2 O.T.4 Pennfield Ridge.
How do you like these flying trips? Bill dear, please be careful. I know I sound like an Old married woman already, but please be careful because dear you mean more to me then anything else in the world. Did you get sick the first time you were up or am I insulting you?
Last Friday night I was supposed to go and see about having a dress made but it rained all day so I didn’t go. I was just going to spend a quiet evening at home and about 8:30 the phone rang and it was Mrs. Simpson wanting to know if Marg and I would like to go for a drive out to Scarborough to see some friends of theirs. So we said sure and Bill I never saw such a beautiful home. The man is the head chemist at Danforth Tech. It was just like a movie stars home. They lady’s son is being married next Saturday he is also in the Air Force at Camp Borden and he is just 19!
On Saturday I got off work early because Mother and Dad were going to Midland to get Auntie Bessie and I had to come home and mind the baby. It seems that I have been minding the baby quite a lot as of late, I guess I can consider it practice for us.
I got all my invitations written today so I will mail them tomorrow. The only address I did not know was Don Riggs and you Mother didn’t know it either but she is going to find it out for me.
Mother and Dad were talking to Mr. & Mrs. Wright (Anna and Jack) last night. They were out on the Danforth doing their shopping and they were asking for you. They are coming to your wedding and I guess I told you Anna is going to sing.
We are going to have a 3 piece orchestra, we were going to have piano and boy sing, but I thought it better that we get the orchestra instead.
I am enclosing the announcement of our engagement dear, so now it is official. Mother phoned Friday and put it in the paper. What do you think of it, note I underlined you middle name Asbury, but never mind dear I think it is a cute name.
Well darling I am afraid I will have to close now as it is about 12PM and my eyes are just about to close. Come home dear and tuck me in bed.

Loving you from the very bottom of my heart dearest,


P.S how does it feel to be a man (21)
P.P.S write soon, as I only got a little letter from you last time

July 9th, 1942

Hello Dearest:

Well darling, here I am again but as yet I haven’t heard from you yet and it is now Thursday night. What’s the matter have you forgotten all about me down there?
I have been a wee bit worried about you, have you been to busy working or have you been doing things that you should not be doing? And if so, I guess I better take the next train down and have a word with you.
Well dear I have been a busy girl this week. Monday night Marg and I went to Doris’ for a fitting of our dresses etc. and they look pretty nice and by the time we left Doris’ place it was quite late and it was about 12:30AM before I got to bed. Then Tuesday night Mother, Auntie Jessie, Marg and myself went to see about our hats and ordered them so that is another thing off my list. We saw a terrible accident that night. I was in buying new dress and we heard an awful crash and we all ran outside to see what it was and it was a boy about 15 had been knocked off his bike at Monarch Park and the car dragged him. The boy tried to get up but couldn’t, I think his leg was broken and they had to carry him to the doctors.
Your Mother just dropped in now dear. Then Wednesday as I guess you know, your Aunts had a shower for me and Bill Dear it was a beautiful shower. The decorations and eats were grand. I was just wishing you were there because everybody was asking for you and wanted to see you and was wondering when you would be home. Boy what a surprise I got, I think I shook all over. I went over to your Mothers last night and we were witting and talking as your father was busy writing letters when the telephone rang. It was your Aunt Mattie phoning to see if your Father would take her to see Mrs. Yonge and of course your father fell right in with it. They asked me if I would go for the trip and I said OK. When we got here your Mother told to go and get your Aunts and when I did I saw a few ladies running in the back with presents. I turned to look at your Father and he was grinning ear to ear and I started to laugh and to be honest my knees started to shake. I finally managed to get in the house and what a beautiful surprise it was.
I received so many beautiful presents. I will try and remember who was there so here goes:
There was your Aunt Leeny and her daughter, Ruth and her Mother, Miss Ross, Miss Virtue, Mrs. Simpson, Auntie Jessie, Marg, Mother, Mrs. Moir and Myrle, gee she is nice Bill, there was about 30 more people there but I can’t remember all their names. Boy was your Aunt Leeny on her high horse last night, she was dancing around with you Mother.
Here are some of the grand gifts I got last night. I got the most beautiful quilt I have ever seen from your Aunt Agnes and a grand bedroom rug from your Aunt Mattie and 7 cups and saucers, 2 pans, a pair of pillow cases, a nice juice jug, 1 table cloth, a grand vase and some more Pyrex ware so don’t you think that I am the luckiest girl in the world and darling I am so happy. Darling I have so much to tell you and talk about when I see you and just think it will be a month from now.
What have you been doing that you can’t even write me but perhaps I will have one tomorrow. Poor Marg hasn’t had any word from Ted yet wither, so she is sitting down writing him now and I guess she is bawling him out too.
Your Mother came over tonight as I want to get my invitations out to your relatives in England and also get the address of your other guests and I guess he will help me back my things in my cedar chest. I don’t know if I can get all my things in it or not as it is getting so full.
Have you decided yet dear on where we are going to spend our honeymoon because if you do not write in a hurry and reserve a place I doubt if we will get a place or not, or just take a chance.
I went in and told Mr. Huston that I was having the 30th of July off and he was very nice he was kidding me asking me what I knew about married life and I said not very much but I was always willing to learn and he just laughed. So I asked him for a transfer so he said that he would see what he could do.
Well darling just think you will be 21 on Friday. How do you feel? (With your hands I know). Just think I will be marrying a man oh boy, just hold me back. Gosh darling I am wishing you a the happiest of birthdays and I just wish that I was down there to give you a kiss on your birthday.
I have to go out tomorrow night as I am going down to see if I can have a dress made and I have to go see the dress lady tomorrow night. Then I guess I will go to the show with Marg Saturday night.
Well dear I guess I will finish now because everybody is yelling at me and kidding me that it must be terrible to be in love, but I think it is grand how about you? I also have to do some washing.

So loving you very, very much dear and hoping to hear from you tomorrow or else beware

P.S extra for your birthday

July 8th, 1942

Dearest Doreen:

I received your very nice letter this morning and although I missed todays mail I am answering it in time for you to get it Saturday.
Well darling, everything is all set at this end. I got permission and my leave also on Monday so, I hope to be getting on that train in 3 weeks this Saturday that is August the 1st. But I’m not going to feel at ease until I get off in Toronto and baby that wont be soon enough!
So you were up at Midland and cabins are pretty scarce well we can start out 4 weeks tonight and stop at any place that captures you fancy dear.
I’m afraid that practically nothing exciting has happened here dear but I might say that I’m not sleeping as good as I used to and what is causing me not to sleep is that fact that my imagination is starting to het the best of me and boy is it really working overtime already.
Darling you will find the $15.00 dollars enclosed and a couple of pictures of Bob and myself and we have a couple more pictures of us in our underwear but they were more or less indecent and I didn’t want to scare you before we got married dear or else you might back out!
I don’t think that you will as we both love each other so much, and I think that nothing really scares you.
I guess Bill McKenzie will be getting little worried about being drafted nowt hat they lowered the age limit to 20 years old. Boy I’m certainly glad that I got in this outfit before I was drafted because I doubt if I could have got in the Air Force now other than general duties or as a pilot overseer and darling as I wouldn’t want my nice wife to worry over me.
So Ted is in New Brunswick where did he get posted? I think I might be making a trip to a place called Pennfield Ridge and if he is there I’ll look him up and see that he s behaving himself.
I got a letter from Lloyd today saying that he would stand up for me so that is settled that ok? I guess things are pretty much well under control now eh? We’ll just have to see what Ted can do but if he can’t manage it I’ll try and think of someone else.
I was thinking dear, if we could to get to Midland on Wednesday night or whether we should stay at some place on the way. But we will have a couple of days to talk things over dear. I know that I’ve got so much to say and do dear but just don’t get so close to me darling or I might so something rather drastic and I believe that it might be a criminal offence. But I guess you can always use a baseball bat on me.
I can see by the paper that there are an awful lot of weddings happening in Toronto boy I guess there must have been an awful mistakes that need to be taken care of. I just wonder how many other have had close escapes like Jan.
So you won’t tell me what kind of close call Jan had. You don’t have to worry about the censor department opening any mail because they do not open regular mail coming to a soldier. So don’t be afraid to tell me a few details and let me in on a few secrets.
Darling I’m really very proud of your pictures that you sent me. I really do think you have put on weight and darling just where it counts too. But you told me that married women always put weight on there why?
Well darling I guess that is about all the gossip that I have for you now. But the time is going by now very fast but still going so darling, loving you very, very much. I remain forever yours



P.S I love you very much dear but actions speak louder than words so you will have to wait and see.

July 5th, 1942

Hello Dearest:

Well darling how are you? I was really surprised when I got your lovely letter on Saturday and gosh I sure love those kind of surprises. I didn’t get it until about 6PM as I did not come right home from work but went and got my hair done and you probably won’t know me when you see me because I got it cut. Everyone thinks it looks nice and all the styles are short hair but by the time you come home dear it won’t be so short.
It is now about 10PM and why I am so late in writing you is because we have just came in from Midland. Mother, Dad Grandpa and Beverley and myself left this morning about 1PM and the McKenzie’s came with us including that dope Herb. Marg didn’t come with us today as Ted didn’t leave until he took the (930AM train for New Brunswick and it would have been to late to go then so Marg stayed home and has gone over to her Mothers’ for supper. Ted is going to try for his leave in August but he is not sure if he can get it or not.
Gee darling I still have my fingers crossed that you still get your leave in August, but as you say I will just go ahead with the arrangement as we planned and hope for the best.
The weather here had been terrible today just as we arrived in Midland it started to pour and it rained for about 3 hours and we have to stay in the cabin or in the car so it wasn’t much fun. Bill phoned me to tell me to be sure and take my tennis racquet but as it rained all day we could not play.
I don’t know what we will do for our honeymoon because Aunt Polly wanted a cabin for the last week in July and the fellow said that they were all booked up until August but maybe by the time we go there will be some that are vacant. Then I went out in a boat with Bill and Herb and rowed over to Smith’s Cabins to see if there were booked and they were.
Remember the last time we went out in the boat dear? Remember I did all the work. Gee when I went up to Midland was I ever homesick for you. I missed you an awful lot today Bill. I had such a grand time up there with you last year.
We walked into town and saw the good O’le Blue Room. I have just finished talking to your Mother before I started to write your letter and she is fine. She is going to write you tomorrow and I tried to get in touch with her last night after I received your letter but she was up at your Aunts and your Aunt Agnes received the nice handkerchief and card you sent her and was all tickled with it.
I am going over to see your Mom and Pop on Wednesday and I will tell them about you getting 97 out of 100 in the shooting tournament and that you are about to receive the 2 Air Force Crests. Gosh are you going to look smart in your old age.
I told your Mother about you going to Newfoundland and she said that was swell, you must be right as rain when you got that 97 in the tournament.
So you don’t know what kind of a close shave Jan had eh? I guess you still have a few things to learn I see and I’m just the little person to teach you. HA HA. But I will tell you about the close shave when we are married.
Irene and Jessie saw Dave Millar along the Danforth the other night nd they said he had quite the limp but he is still wearing his uniform. Poor Dave, gosh I feel sorry for him and I might give him a phone call.
I will be pretty busy this week. I am going to Doris’ tomorrow night and I am going to see about my hats on Tuesday and I am over to see your Mother on Wednesday and I am going to pick up one of my dressed and also see about having one made so it will keep me hopping.
Oh darling if you only knew how much I love you and missed you but I guess you will be getting bored with me telling you in every letter. You will never know how much I do miss you but I will tell you some day.
Bill will you ever get a surprise when you see Beverley, no kidding she is a very pretty baby and she is getting so smart. She is starting to raise her head off the pillow but of course all the Booths are smart and she has he cutest smile and she also has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. I don’t know who she takes after from because none of us have eyes like that.
Well dear I am going to tell the big boss at work that I will be leaving. I am going to tell him tomorrow that I will be leaving July 30th as that only gives me a few days and also to ask for my transfer. I hope he is in good humour.
Well dearest I guess I will close my letter now because I am very tired. I was up at 6AM this morning and I must get my rest for the big day but I will write you again on Wednesday dear.

All my love dearest from your wife to be soon.



P.S I love you very much dear

July 3rd, 1942

Hello Darling:

I have just finished reading your very nice letter and so as I am not very busy I will answer it right away. It is 10:30 Friday morning and for the first time in over a week it isn’t a very nice day. It is not raining but very cloudy and damp. Yes the weather has really been OK lately, bright and warm days and nice cool nights.
I just hope that we have nice weather and nice cool nights because they tell me that is the best weather for a honeymoon.
I don’t know what kind of close shave Jan could have had? I mean I could use my imagination but I do not know how she could have known so soon. Of well I guess I have a few thing to learn.
I’m glad that you got a hold of Jack but you can tell that he on makes 20 cents more a day than I do. He only has a “C” group trade and I have an “A” group trade but it is rather complicated so I will not go into details.
Well Ted will start to realise how lucky he was. But they say that the New Brunswick stations are not too bad. By the way I told you I went to Newfoundland on the weekend. It is only a 3 hour trip. I think that I will be going to Labrador on of these weekends. I’ve got my name down for a trip and it is about a 6 hour trip and so I would be leaving Saturday afternoon and perhaps spend the night up there.
By the way the station is located at a place called Goose Bay. This Sunday Bob and I are goin to the Air Force Summer Camo down the coast about 20 miles. Its really a swell place with fishing and swimming and boating. So I hope that Sunday is a nice day.
Well darling I feel pretty proud of myself. We went down to the range for a shooting tournament and your husband to me got 97 out of a possible 100. So they proudly presented yours truly with 2 Air Force Crests. By the way tell my Pop that.
Well darling as yet I have not heard any news about my leave etc. But in another 3 or 4 days I should know. But what I gather from my boss I think everything will be OK.
I guess we will have to make some rush decisions in regards to our ushers dear. I have not received a letter from my Mother yet, but I guess she will be writing soon. Well darling that is about all the news for now and I just say that I love you more than anything or anybody I have ever met and in another 4 weeks you will be all mine.
Well darling I promise you I’ll send your money in my next letter as I forgot to bring it up with me today and I want to get this letter away today in the post. Well dear loving you very very much and only 4 weeks to go.

I remain your very impatient husband to be.



P.S here is hoping hat we have a couple of close shaves after we are married.

July 1st, 1942

Well O’l dear it is now 2PM Wednesday afternoon as you know this is a holiday and as usual it has just stopped raining. I thought I would be out in the sunshine and get a tan but no go, if you hear an awful noise down in Halifax just now, it is Beverley crying and boy can she cry. Mother is trying to get her to go to sleep but she really does not want to. You should see her now, she is as cute as a button, when she is not crying.
Well dearest I received your letter on Monday or should I say WEEE note and darling I certainly got a shock when I received your letter. The bottom of my world dropped out when you said you might not be able to get your leave in August but I won’t give up hope dear until I hear a definite from you but I will just on planning the way I have. I only hope that the rumour is false, but as my Mother said “Doreen when you are engaged to a fellow in the service – that I have to expect shocks like that”. I guess she is right. But if they cancel your leave I think I will buy the next train ticket down there and really give it to your Commander.
You were saying that I never mentioned if Anna like married life, well I don’t know dear because I have not seen her, she just came home from her honeymoon last Friday so her and Jack are just getting everything settled in their new house but I guess she likes married life, just wait dear till we are married then you can ask me directly.
Well dear I haven’t done much this week. I went for a walk Monday night with Mom and I was also talking to you Mother on Monday to tell her I had received a letter from you but she had received one also and that Lloyd had received one too and he seems quite excited about the whole affair.
Last night I stayed home and let Mom and Pop go out and tonight Dad has to stay in and watch Beverley so that Mother and I can go to the show. You see we have to take turn about. Tomorrow night MArg and I have to go to Doris’ for a fitting on our dresses and Friday night I am going over to see your Mom and Pop if they are not going out so you see dear my week has filled in.
Poor Marg got some bad news last night. She was over at Mrs. Simpsons last night when they got a telephone call from Ted at Mountain View saying that he has been posted to some hick town in New Brunswick and was leaving today so poor Marg was feeling blue last night and gosh dear I certainly know how she feels. Mrs. Simpson phoned her about 9AM this morning to ask her if she would like to go to Belleville with them as they were going to take a chance and drive up to see him before he goes because I don’t think the train leaves until about 1PM.
I finally got in touch with Jack Dowds to see if he would be an usher and he said he would like too. He is still the same O’l Jack although I haven’t seen him in person but just hearing him talk you can tell he is just the same. I had quite the job getting a hold of him because every time I phoned he was always out. He was telling me that by Thursday, that’s tomorrow, he would have his third stripe. I asked him if he had pull and he just said he worked a hell of a lot harder (excuse the language) but that’s what he said. He was asking for you and he still thought that you were in Ottawa and got quite a surprise when I told him you were in Halifax. gosh we could have talked for hours, you know how Jack gets.
Have you put on any weight dear because I do not want you looking like skin and bones when you marry me. Well dearest I will keep my fingers crossed until I get your letter to see if it will be August or September until we get married so hurry and write dear because I will be very anxious to hear form you. I will have to finish now because I have a lot to do yet. I have to do some ironing and washing yet and want to het it finished before supper but I will write you a nice long letter on Sunday.

Loving you with all my heart dearest


P.S please hurry home

June 30th, 1942

Hello Darling:

I’ve just finished reading your lovely little letter and as usual things are pretty slack and I am writing you in time to catch the mail as 12:30.
Well darling I think that things are pretty well “in the bag”. I applied for my leave and for permission to get married and all we have to do now dear is hold tight. I don’t think that I will have any trouble even though I did say in my last letter that there might be no leaves in August. They are pretty good here and when they find out that I want my leave to get married I think that I won’t have any trouble.
Darling, I think that I am the happiest fellow in the world right now. Your pictures I think are pretty swell. I honestly think that you are getting prettier all the time. I just wish that the picture of you and the baby was really mine. I’m so glad that you received so many nice things but darling you really do deserve them because you have been such a sweet and true girl and you know they are the ones that always deserve and get the best.
I went to Dartmouth Air Station Sunday and got a flip in a Carolina Flying Boat boy are they certainly an awesome plane. We went as far as Newfoundland and came back. Just think dear it is really only 6 hours flying time from here to Toronto. That makes it seem an awful lot closer.
Darling, I will send you the money in my next letter because I want to her this letter away right now and as my money is down in our hut I wouldn’t be able to get it away in time. But we have lots of time yet.
The weather here the last couple of days cant be beaten. Lots of sun and truly warm too.
I know all about your shower, but I can keep a secret so I did not breath a word to anybody.
Well darling it is only 4 weeks more that seems hardly any time at all after waiting so long you as I have. It was for the best though dear wasn’t it. We really have a lot to look forward to and we have so much in common and so much to give one another. But then you will have to put up with me for a long time after our wedding.
I saw a picture with a few of the fellows on Saturday and it was not that bad to be honest. Hedy Lamar is certainly a nice looking woman herself. I think some of what is on Hedy is artificial but what do I know.
I was just figuring out dear, we only have to write 8 letters more and then I hope to be home when you think of that it doesn’t seem to very long. But I still am afraid that July will go by so slowly then June.
Well darling I’m almost ashamed that I have so little to say in my letters but I will say that I love you more and more each day and I hope that I will receive a bigger letter from you than this one.
Lots and Lots of love dear from the bottom of my heart