June 13th, 1945

Hello dearest;

Well dear, here it is Wednesday night and Ross and I have just come in from seeing ” Here Comes the Waves” it was not a bad picture but I was rather disappointed in it. Monday night we saw a real good picture. I thought it was anyway, it was “Under the Clock” with Judy Garland, so if you get a chance to see it do not miss out darling.
Please excuse the scribble as I am writing this letter on my bed on a writing pad. Well darling I received your parcel yesterday and was really glad to receive it dear. You certainly treat your husband wonderfully. I guess that is why I married you, other than I love you very much. We had a real nice feed last night with cheese, pickles and crackers and had the biscuits. It was the nearest thing to home cooking as we ate it all in our very own kitchen. In fact there was three of us. We have a little mouse friend we call Hortense, who ate all the crumbs on the floor and half a chocolate bar that I left in the box which I put under the bed. Ross and I are by ourselves again as the other fellow who was with us, and to be honest a nasty fellow at that, has finally moved on. He is going on 14 days leave and I am not sure if he is ever coming back seeing as he never speaks to either of us.
We are going to have something to eat as soon as I write this and then off to bed.
We had a lovely day today darling and as we have 2 hours for lunch now we went down to the seashore for an hour, sat on a deck chair and got a tan (or burn). I do not know yet. It is really like working in a summer resort. I sent some post cards to Mom and you so you will see what it is like here. So you got Donna some swim outfits. I bet she looks cute in the, but no cuter than her lovely mother who her daddy loves more than anyone in this world.
I think Ted will be home before Christmas dear because we all filled out the same form and it also asks whether you want you discharge or a posting to Canada. But it says on it you might not necessarily get what you want. They are sending a lot of administration fellows to the Continent or to London. But I expect I will be in the prisoner of war section for 2 or 3 months more anyway and by then I imagine they will know what to do with us. The occupation of Germany is only for 6 months to your posting then you are posted home and somebody else replaces you. So I might just be as far ahead if I got posted there but I have too long in this outfit to volunteer for anything. Tell Marg not to feel too bad about Ted because I bet you he is going to surprise her and walk in on her someday soon. I bet that will excite her and aggravate his parents.
Well darling I am running out of room here so I will end it here. With lots of love from the bottom of my heart,
Your loving husband,



June 9th, 1945

Hello darling;

Well here it is Saturday afternoon and as things have quietened down in the office I thought I would drop you a few lines. I am writing from the lounge in the hotel where I work. It is really fixed up swell for the ex-prisoners of war, there is some really lovely music on right now. They have just finished playing “That Old Feeling” and it certainly made me think of you dear.
The weather is still not any too hot. I am getting a 48 hour leave tomorrow and Monday but I am not going anywhere very far. I am thinking of going out to an old church and Roman Ruins at a place called ChristChurch about 10 miles out of town and Monday afternoon I think I will go swimming at the baths. Last night I went to the show with Ross and saw “Tonight and Every Night” with Rita Hayworth. I was just fair I thought.
I received a letter from my Aunt Clara also giving me an invitation to visit them but I do not know how I am going to see them all. I expect to be getting leave the last week in June and the first in July. By the way Harry James is playing “I don’t want to walk without you Baby” and that really is the way I feel about you darling. I have not seen one girl that could come anywhere near you darling. I guess I just love you so much. Ahem, enough about that, you just wait until I get home and I’ll make up for lost time.
Boy the fellows think Donna is a pretty cute chick. I think she is just wonderful, how about promising me about 5 more like her dear? I see by our service paper that they are sending 35,000 men home in 3 weeks, most of them are going to the Pacific though. It is all going to be volunteer though.
Well darling it will be 3 months since I last saw you and it had gone fairly fast hasn’t it. Ross Blake is a real dandy fellow, he is quite a hip cat and I do not know what I would do unless I had a good pal like him to chum around with. He wishes he had got married to his girl back home before he left. It really has been the happiest days of my life darling, even though we have not been together but we will have a long time to make up for that won’t we darling?
Well that is about all for now dear so until Tuesday,
All my love dearest,



June 6th, 1945

Hello darling;

I received your letter of the 29th today dear and also my mothers and was very glad to receive them dear. I have just come in from the show with Ross and we are both writing letters right now. Things are pretty well the same as usual, the work has slackened off pretty well and we should be getting a little time off. The weather has been particularly good, the 3 or 4 days though and I really do not care if I get any time off or not.
I spoke to you about the big draft that just came over. I am meeting more fellows every day who are on it. A lot of them are going t Germany, they had us fill a form out yesterday asking us what we wanted to do. I asked for my discharge first, then the Western Hemisphere second, Germany third and the Pacific last. We had to out them down in the order we wanted them but if they want us for any of them they will take us regardless of what we want. But there are a lot of fellows who do want Germany and the Pacific but all I would like to do is get home to you and Donna dear.
We are very comfortable here dear but I miss you an awful lot darling as you should know by now. But we will have a long time ahead of us when I get home, even though I am here for a year, but nobody seems to know a darn thing and I really think they are waiting on the outcome of the elections.
I am glad to hear that Donna is getting along so well dear. Mom says that they call her Miss Hopper because she is always hopping along, she is quite lively eh? Well she will be walking any day now I imagine. She looks so serious in her picture and her eyes are just like saucers. I think it is a really lovely picture. Mom is very pleased with her copy, she says, they have it on the piano. Tomorrow is room inspection day so as soon as I finish the letter, I am going to get the room cleaned up a bit. By the way do you know Charlie Dugan, he came over on this last draft. They really had an awful trip comparted to ours. Everybody was sea sick and the food was poor, so we were quite lucky. I wonder when Jack Sherman will be getting home, but they tell me they need cooks over here badly so it is hard to say. Well I guess you are looking forward to you holidays. Are you going to get a bathing suit for Donna? I guess she is still too small but you could get a sun suit though I guess. I got Mrs. Mickie’s parcel away OK dear, I had misplaced the address for some time.
I guess that is about all for now but take care of yourself dear and so for now all my love to you and Donna.
Your loving husband,



June 2nd, 1945

Hello darling;

Well here it is Saturday afternoon, I am at work but as it is rather quiet right now I thought I would drop you a few lines. I received your letter of the 19th yesterday saying that you were mailing Donna’s pictures. I ca’nt get over how lovely she looked in it and I do not need to say how really proud I am to show it off. We had a big bunch of fellows come in yesterday. I really do not know what they are going to with them all, unless a lot go to Germany for an Army of Occupation.
Things are just about the same here. Ross received a nice box from his public school and we have had some good feeds out of it. He received a can of concentrated orange juice and he does not like it so I am drinking it for him.
Things are just the same here everybody just waiting to get home but I am not counting on a thing. I am figuring on a year over here anyway, that is the best thing to do and then we will not be disappointed.
We are getting free theatre tickets here now. I have taken in 3 shows in the last week with them.
Well dear I did not get a chance to finish my letter yesterday and so I am back on it now today and what a day. I have met about 10 fellows, which I knew already, in the last bunch that came in. They are all going to the army of Occupation I think. Two of them are from Toronto and are married with a baby.
I worked this morning but I am off this afternoon and I am writing this from my bed on our ironing board. It’s rather chilly out today and not very bright. So I am going to have a sleep as soon as I finish this letter. There are a lot of cars back on the road today, they get 4 gallons a month here now but that is about 120 miles because they have smaller cars here.
I heard from one of the boys that the Radar mechanics will pretty well all be going to the Pacific, that is what Jessie’s husband is. But you never can tell. I am really feeling fine these days in fact, I am eating and sleeping better than I have in a long time and really looking forward to getting home someday.
How is Donna and you keeping darling, well I hope. You will be soon going on your holidays and I really hope you have a lovely time and you really should, and watch out for those beach wolves, HA HA. who prey on defenseless mothers especially those in their 20’s.
Well darling I think that is about all for now but I want to say that I love you and miss you very much darling and give Donna my love and take good care of yourself dear.
As ever, your loving husband,



May 30th, 1945

Hello darling;

Well dear I just found out for sure today that I am the father if the most beautiful baby in the world. I received Donna’s picture today believe it or not it only took one week and it really is lovely isn’t it dear? All I want is one of you now and I will be all set, thank you very much darling.
Well it is noon hour right now and Ross and I are in our room just relaxing. We have slowed down in our work and I should be getting the odd afternoon or so off. The weather today is just fair and it is rather chilly but all in all we have been having pretty good weather lately.
I went to the K of C last night and we had a regular jam session. They have a couple of hundred real good records and Ross and I played them all night. Monday night we went to the show and saw “A Tree grows in Brooklyn”. I received a littler today from my other Aunt and Uncle in Weston saying that they will be expecting me on my leave. I received your last letter and my Dads on Monday and as usual was very glad to get them. Has the gas ration at home lifted yet, and how about the food ration, is there anything new on that?
So Marg expects Ted home in August. I hope he gets home then too, but nothing had been done here yet to get anybody home. They seem to be holding everybody up for something, even they boys who have been here 3 or 4 years. I certainly miss you an awful lot darling and Donna too of course, but we have had a lot of good times since we have bene together, more than a lot of other couples. So we should thank God for all that we have got.
When I think like that darling I feel a lot better. I would like to come home right now to you and Donna, but we are still young and we still have a long time ahead of us haven’t we darling? So do not feel too bad because we are separated.
I do not know why I get sentimental like that dear unless it is I realize how much I love you and do not worry about me darling. I am fine and really doing better and living more completely since I first got in the service. Well now that is off my chest, let me see.
Ross is sleeping now, he is just a growing boy you know. He is only 20 and is about 6.2 tall. He is a quite good looking guy, but he is pretty well tied up back home and does not bother with the girls. You can tell your Pop that the beer over here is just like water. It really is awful and good old Willie is not doing any drinking except for tea. Boy what I would not do for a real nice cup of milk!
Well darling I will have to close now but thanks for the lovely picture darling I certainly think it is wonderful and remember to say HI to my Mom and Pop.
I will write them tomorrow and Mom and Pop Booth as well. So for now darling, all my love dear, I will write you on Saturday again,
Your loving husband,



May 23rd, 1945

Hello my darling;

I received 4 of your letters on Monday and I was very excited to get them all at one. I was very glad to hear from you and to hear that you had such a good time on V day. I have not got very much news to tell you today, still working as hard as ever. I have been to 2 shows this week already, “Hollywood Canteen” was one and it was pretty good, the other was a Sherlock Holmes and a picture called “Enigma” which was just awful. Things are pretty well the same here, rumours all the time as to when we will be getting home which would be a lot faster anyway. But I am not counting on getting home for a year anyways and so I will not be disappointed if I do not make it before than.
I am very comfortable and the meals are good so I can’t complain very much even though I would give anything to be home with you and Donna darling. I am certainly looking forward to it, an awful lot!
I just have been planning all the good times we are going to have and we are certainly going to have some (oh boy!).
I am looking forward to receiving Donna’s picture, she certainly must look very cute in it.
So Toronto went wild eh? I was very sober here though, but I think I told you about the big dance here it got pretty wild after I left, I heard, and there was certainly a lot of……..going on!
I went to a dance on Saturday night that was not too bad, it was the same company holding it and with a whole 4 piece band and of course they had cake and sandwiches. They sell a full course meal at all of the dances. The shows all have a restaurant in them. The Brits do think with their stomachs here but I have only had one meal in a restaurant since I have arrived, of course I eat snacks etc., but at the service clubs.
I have still got 3 rolls of film left that I have not used but I as saving them to take when I got my leave.
Gee darling, I think of you all the time and all the loving we have to catch up on. I really love you more than ever dear, if that is possible and I am just living for when we can be together again and thank heaven it will not be so very long now.
Ted should be home around October or November I think but I do not think they have definitely decided on anything yet, but they are sending home front line fellows who volunteered for the Pacific. But he certainly did send home a bunch of money to Marg to buy that car. But here is one guy they will not get to volunteer! But they do not need many anyway.
I am glad to hear that Mom and Pop and my aunt are all OK. I hope your Mom and Pop and little Bev are all fine too. I guess Bev is quite a little gal by now. Just think I have been away about 2 1/2 months already. I can still remember that morning at the station, we really did not have to say anything to each other about the way we felt did we dear? And that is the way it will always be. I do not have to tell you how much I love you because I think you know.
Well darling that is about all for now and so I will write you on Sunday again dear and for now to you and Donna,
All my love,



May 20th, 1945

Hello Darling:

Well here is is Sunday dear and a very dreary day at that. I am working today and I really do not mind because there is nothing else to do and as it is Whitsun (Whatever that means) over here it has lengthened the weekend for a lot of people.
I received your very nice letter on Thursday dear ad was glad to get all the good news. So Toots pictures came out OK. I am glad to hear that and I am certainly looking forward to receiving it but I do not imagine I will receive it for 5 or 6 weeks yet. I have got a nice place all picked out in my room for those pictures. I just wish I had one of you to put with it. I believe you can get one of those leather cases with a cardboard front to put them in so that could be your birthday present to me. I have been working until 8PM the last three nights and believe it or not I do not mind at all. We usually go to the K of C or another hospitality house for a snack after work and that just about completes my program for the night. I think I will be going to a show tonight to see George Formmbly, there is not very much showing this weekend.
So Ted is doing alright for himself. I wonder what he is doing for money, a 1941 car? Oh well I will have one myself in a year or so and then you and I can go to the Palais Royale ourselves.
How is our car holding up dear? Well I hope. Has Pop said anything about trying to get Mr. Ingham’s place? I think he could het it for a couple of hundred and I think it would be a swell place to spend our second honeymoon and we are going to have a real dandy one when I come home. Shall we go to the same room at the Royal York? I think it would be a good idea and then we could head up north. But this time we will not spend a night in a leaky old cabin. But it was a lot if fun anyway. Are you all set for you holidays dear? I hope so, and I think you should have a real nice time, just keep an eye on Donna. She must be getting to be quite a little rascal. She takes after her old Mom huh?
I was just thinking how cute she as when she was in her bath. I do not think she knew what to make if it. Does she still like it as much? Boy I am looking forward to taking you both away for a real holiday when I come home and when we are together again in our own home.
Lets pray it is not too long eh dear? Well I will have to close for now darling, but thinking if you all the time and give Donna a kiss from me.
All my love darling,



May 13th, 1945

Hello Darling;

Well here it is Sunday afternoon and as I have a few minutes off I thought I would write you a few lines and let you know that I am fine. It is rather chilly out today, yesterday was a real lovely day. They are having a big parade today, I was to be in it but I am working so I will not be in it now.
I have not had any mail from you for a week but I imagine that it is all being held up because none of the boy have received any. I have certainly been working very hard, but it will be all over in a month or so, and we will be getting a rest then I hope. I went to the R of C last night but it was not very good so I came home and had a bath then went to bed.
I hope that you got over “V” Day alright, it was rather quiet here. I went to a show, I read in the paper that they almost wrecked Halifax, the money that they made from the boys they deserved it. But we really had a wonderful time there didn’t we dear? I think that they were the happiest days of my life, now that I look back on them, but I hope it wont be too long now before we are together again for good.
How is Donna doing? I wish I could have been there when she first walked. I bet she looked cute. I will certainly be there when our next one comes along.
They have moved me out of the living room now and I am in the kitchen as my quarters. I really like it better we have a cupboard and a sink and there are only three of us living in the kitchen. I still see a lot of that “Bill” fellow that Irene knows. He has been here in Bournemouth ever since he came over. He does not do a darn thing all day but you get tired of that sort of thing though.
Those pictures you sent me are really great dear. I like your hat, you really look very good in them and “Toots” is really cute as well.
Has Dad said anything about trying to get Mr. Inghams place? I bet he could get it for $200 or $500 dollars. It would be very nice for him because it is really well built.
How is Ted doing? Well I hope. I guess that Jack Aitken is a goner too now, that is really to bad. I guess poor Mrs. Aitkens will really go a little whacky now loosing both of her sons. I feel very sorry for her.
Well darling I will have to close now but will drop you a few lines on Tuesday or Wednesday and so for now darling,
From the bottom of my heart,
Your ever loving husband,



May 10th, 1945

Hello darling

Darling, by the time that you get this I am sure you will know that the war is now over. I am so thrilled to think that the tragedy of war is now over and for good. It will only be a matter of time before I know you will be sent home and we can start our new life together you me and Donna.
I am writing this letter to you thinking only happy thoughts. Donna is fast asleep in her bassinette at the foot of my bed and I cannot even begin to think that her life will be and what we will b able to do for her once you are back on Canadian soil. I know I am sounding a little melodramatic but I cannot express how happy I am that you made it through OK considering all the people we know who did not survive or were impacted by the war.
Everyone here was so happy when we got the news that we all decided to take a walk along the Danforth and what a celebration that was. People were honking their car horns, they were waving the Union jack flag and people took to the streets with drinks in hand in singing songs. It was almost impossible to push the stroller down the streets, and of course we had Beverley with us as well. Mom stayed home but Pop and I got ourselves together and headed out once we heard the news on the radio.
All the dreaming we did and all the planning we talked about can finally come true. There is still a lot of talking to do and we need to find out where we are going to live, but all of that can be done when you finally get back home to me.
Work has been fine dear and I think that there will be a lot more people buying things now that the news about the war has come through. I gather that I will be busier than ever, not just at work but attending welcome home parties and the like.
I am not sure when Ted will be coming home but I suspect that Marg will know very soon and she will be able to start planning an escape from that house and they can make the move soon rather than later. I just hope that they decide to stay close to where we are dear as that would be lovely to be so close so that the babies can grow up together, and of course not to forget Beverley.
Well darling I wanted to make sure that I got pen to paper as soon as I got the news and I am sure that you will be writing me soon so with that I will tell you how much I love you and that I cannot wait to have you in my arms again, and this time it will be for good.
With that, loving you more and more each day,
Your loving wife