August 23rd, 1942

Hello Dearest

Well darling here I am again, although I looked for a letter from your on Saturday morning but no such luck but perhaps I will have one on Monday morning (I hope) for your sake I do as you promised to write me Thursday. I thought I wouldn’t write you till tomorrow night but I know, every time I write you dear I feel better because it seems to bring me so much nearer to you and I am still awful lonesome for you. I guess I” never get over being that when you are away from me. Well enough of this being sorry for myself or I will be crying before you know it.
Boy have I ever got writer’s cramp, I’ve never written so much in all my life as you know this is Sunday and all day I have been writing my thank you cards and I must have written about 50 letters and it has taken me all day and I also have cut up my cake and put it in little boxes to send. I have Bobs in a box also some for the other fellows and I will send it down to you and you can give it to him and share. I will also send you down a piece dear, I will never forget you.
Your Aunt Mattie phoned me on Wednesday to see if I had heard from you and she is fine and so is your Aunt Agnes and Uncle Jack. Your Mother phoned me as well to tell me that she went to Bingo while she was up in Midland and she won the grand prize of 12 cents, big money eh? She was telling me that there is a registered parcel for you, it came to the house and as there was no one there she will have to go down to the post office. I think it is your call for the Army as Ted got his and so did Bob, Doris’ boyfriend.
I have just finished talking to your Mother. I thought he might be in bed because it was about 10:30 and now it is about 11:30PM. You Dad took your Aunts and Mom out for a drive in the country and they stayed for supper at some friends of yours and they didn’t get home until about 8PM and you Mom had baked a nice cake because she thought I might have been over. I would have gone over except that I was quite busy but I will go over one night this week.
What have you been doing with yourself since you went back? By the way dear, what were you telling Ted about married life. He wrote his Mother and since his father read the letter he wants to see me and talk to me to see what I did to you on our honeymoon. I hope you told him something nice. How do you like being back there again dear?
I went to the show last night with Irene, Jessie and Aunt Bessie and saw Mickey Rooney in “The Courtship of Andy Hardy” and it was very good. Did you see it? Then I came home and listened to the orchestra on the radio till about 12PM then went to bed (alone worst luck eh?) Gosh I can’t get used to sleeping with Marg in my room, I keep thinking gosh I wish it was Bill.
I went to deposit the cheque Aunt Agnes gave us because I knew I couldn’t cash it because it was made out to you and you forgot to endorse it, but the man wouldn’t let me. I either have to have your signature or have it made out to me so I guess I will have to get Aunt Agnes to make another one out to me.
Darling are you sure you should sign so much money over to me every month because $75.00 is an awful lot of money and I don’t want you going short just to give me the money because I will be worrying about you wondering if you have enough money. So think it over dear.
Well dear I will finish now because I will have to get up early because I am going down to see about my job, so keep your fingers crossed for me darling. But I will write you Tuesday and let you know how I make out so write soon and often darling because I look forward to you letters so much dear and I’m looking forward for one tomorrow.
Loving more and more each day and wishing you were here with me.
Love from your wife (who is a lonely as a church mouse)



P.S I will close my eyes dear and pretend you are here while I give you these kisses.

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