March 22nd, 1946

Hello darling;

Well dear I am sorry that I am a couple of days late writing this letter but when you read it do not think you will mind. I have waited a year to write this darling so I should try and make a masterpiece out of it so here goes. I sail for home on the 31st of this month on the Ile de France!!!!!!!
You might receive a telegram before you receive this letter as I thought you would get a kick out of receiving one. Well lets start at the beginning.
I thought that something was cooking when they cut my leave down to 4 days. we were planning on leaving earlier but the sate was cut back to the 31st. At least that was the latest news that they told us this morning. They have taken our unwanted luggage for the trip and you might even see it at home before I arrive. I figure that I will arrive in Toronto around the 10th of April, just a little late for Donna’s birthday but I will take it.|
We leave on Tuesday or Wednesday for the boat as we have to be on a few days ahead so this might be my last letter tp you dear. Thank goodness we will now be able to say what we want to each other instead of writing everything down. By the way you will be able to read in the papers when I will be arriving in Toronto but you will probable know more about that than I do. I think I will know about half the fellows on the boat as we all have been waiting for so long to get home.
I am doing practically nothing, I do not know what to do with my time. It is certainly going twice as slow since I found out that I was going home and it was the best news I have heard since I came over here.|
Well let me see now that I have been doing, as usual a couple of shows this week and a night in the pub and I spent an evening at the Canadian Legion playing cards.
Well dear as soon as I feet in the door I am going to put on my civvy clothes, so how about getting my black suit in shape. Gosh how wonderful it is going to be to see you again dear, and just in a matter of days now. I just hope you are in good shape for some real good loving dear. So you have got over a week to get in top ship shape condition. And do not forget to tell your boss that you are going to take an extended vacation and perhaps a permanent one.
Well dear I think that just about covers everything, so I do not think that you will hear from me until I get home unless I can get a letter fired away before the boat set sails. Tell Toots that her Daddy is coming home and he cannot wait to wrap his arms around her and give her a really big kiss for all the time that he missed.
So darling, for the first time in a long time I get to say see you soon and loving you more and more each day.
Your loving husband,