July 22, 1942

Hello Darling:

I just received you very nice letter this afternoon dear, and I don’t want you to think that I am not writing you enough and I am answering it right away. These storms here have been holding the mail up dear, so that is why you have not been receiving my letters as soon as you should. You mailed your letter on Sunday and I did not receive it until today (Wednesday) So you can see that the Air Mail is being held up all around.
Well darling, just 2 more weeks today and boy oh boy you will be all mine but after what you have been telling me about Dot McKee I think I’ve got the wrong girl! I think that she keeps all the boys warm! I ma kidding you know you are the one for me.
Some of the boys down here Bob included, got away to the summer camp for 4 days till Sunday night. I expect to get away next week for a couple of days just to rest up, you know dear, ready for our little expedition and darling that is going to be some trip I PROMISE YOU!
One of the boys here has just showed me a few pages of letter from his fiancée, they are getting married in a few weeks and boy, she is hot stuff. She promised him a lot of good times on their honeymoon. Lucky fellow.
I received a very nice letter from my Dad this morning and he certainly seems to be pretty excited about the whole wedding thing. I was thinking dear you could put all our gifts in our house in the back room that used to be mine and could be our for a night anyways. Boy we certainly have some nice stuff. I just hope that this war ends soon enough and we get a chance to use some of those things soon and we can be together always. Right about 90% of the boys are getting paid and I can hear myself think!
Things this week here have been pretty quiet and I’m really taking things easy and you know why. One of the boys here who is married comes in after his leave and always complains of a sore back. I wonder why it is only his back that is sore, I am hoping that you will tell me when we see each other.
There has been some real good shows here lately even though they are a little old. On Monday night I saw “The Seven Sinners” and boy that was pretty hot. Tonight “Captain Fury” is coming which sounds pretty good any how. Just think darling that at the end of next week it will be about 12 weeks since I last saw you. I think maybe it has been for the best because it has shown me how much I do truly love you and missing you makes me think of all the ways I wish to treat you as my wife. With kindness, respect and a loving manner. Maybe someone should have told Dot McKee that.
Well thanks dear for such a nice letter and hoping your Mother and Father and little sister and Marg are all fine.

I remain dear with lots and lots of love, yours.



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