August 25th, 1942

Hello Darling:

I received your grand letter tonight and dear it was worth waiting so long for because it was a nice long one.
Gosh darling I am terribly sorry to hear you were sick and you are sure your are ok now you are not kidding me are you?
Marg had a letter from Ted and he said when we saw you that you looked terribly tired. My goodness dear what were you doing on that train on the way down there?
Well dear I’m just an o’l working gal again. I went downtown yesterday and had no trouble at all, it was not an office job because the office I was trying to get in had been filled so Mr. Wilkinson that’s my new boss asked me I wouldn’t like selling so I said OK providing I got the same money that I was making before I was married, so he thought a moment and said OK. So I’ll be making $15.00 plus my lost of living ok, so that makes me about $18.00 which isn’t so bad. My Pop was kind of sore at me for taking selling job because he thought I could get an office job and I guess I could if I tried but I don’t mind selling as it is a change.
I am up at College St. in the department that sells sweaters, slacks, skirts, shirts etc. I had to go to the class for selling yesterday afternoon and it was boring because I know how to make out the bills and I have to go back tomorrow morning so I can learn the cash register which I hope want be too hard. My feet are sore and tired tonight because I wore my high heels all day so tomorrow I am going to take my low heeled shoes with me. The only thing I don’t like about it is I will have to work Saturday afternoons, right now the hours are not bad we start at 9:30AM to 5:30PM.
I was going over to see your Mother tonight but I phoned her, and she was going up to your Aunt Mattie’s because your Aunt Tina and Uncle Dave were going there tonight so I will go over on Thursday. Bill dear please write your Mother this week because she is just as anxious to hear from you as I am and even though I phone her every time I get a letter should would really love to hear from you directly, so please hurry and write.
Yes dear, I will get your shirts for you, just tell me what size to get you and also what colour, as I shall get my 10% off. So a couple of your fellows got posted overseas, gee maybe I have been counting on you not going overseas and don’t you dare say that it wouldn’t be much worse than Halifax. At least when you are in Halifax there is always a chance for me to see you, even though it is few and far between.
I guess I will write Mrs. Dean and Mrs. Henderson, I will send her the pictures and also enclose a piece of wedding cake with small letter.
You can tell the boys dear that I feel great, in fact I will take a picture of myself next week just to show you, but as you say you wont be able to see any difference just yet. Remember that girl Anna that had the shower for last year, well I told you she was expecting her first child about 3 weeks ago and I just heard today that her baby was born dead. Isn’t that sad and just awful, I must phone her, but I will wait for a while because I guess she is feeling pretty bad about it.
It is Auntie Jessie’ night off tonight so the whole family are sitting on the front room, Dad has just come downstairs from putting Beverley to sleep and everybody is fine.
Oh I forgot to tell you dear I am learning how to drive and so is Marg. Pop is teaching us, he is a very good teacher but I sort of get nervous in case I do anything to his old car. I didn’t do so good last night when I changed the gears from first to second I sort of made a grinding sounds and oh boy, Pop nearly hit the roof but tonight I did very good even if I do say so myself. Marg is very good though. So one of these fine days dear I will be driving down to see you.
Well dearest I guess I will finish now as I am going to get my cup of tea, as I am cold. It is very cold here just now. I had to wear a coat to work today. So darling hurry and write me as I will be anxious to hear if you are all right. I will write you again on Thursday, have you nocticed dear that I am writing you three times a week?
So until I hear from you dear.
All my love dearest and loving you an awful awful lot
From you wife who misses you very much



P.S don’t forget to write your Mother

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