June 13th, 1945

Hello dearest;

Well dear, here it is Wednesday night and Ross and I have just come in from seeing ” Here Comes the Waves” it was not a bad picture but I was rather disappointed in it. Monday night we saw a real good picture. I thought it was anyway, it was “Under the Clock” with Judy Garland, so if you get a chance to see it do not miss out darling.
Please excuse the scribble as I am writing this letter on my bed on a writing pad. Well darling I received your parcel yesterday and was really glad to receive it dear. You certainly treat your husband wonderfully. I guess that is why I married you, other than I love you very much. We had a real nice feed last night with cheese, pickles and crackers and had the biscuits. It was the nearest thing to home cooking as we ate it all in our very own kitchen. In fact there was three of us. We have a little mouse friend we call Hortense, who ate all the crumbs on the floor and half a chocolate bar that I left in the box which I put under the bed. Ross and I are by ourselves again as the other fellow who was with us, and to be honest a nasty fellow at that, has finally moved on. He is going on 14 days leave and I am not sure if he is ever coming back seeing as he never speaks to either of us.
We are going to have something to eat as soon as I write this and then off to bed.
We had a lovely day today darling and as we have 2 hours for lunch now we went down to the seashore for an hour, sat on a deck chair and got a tan (or burn). I do not know yet. It is really like working in a summer resort. I sent some post cards to Mom and you so you will see what it is like here. So you got Donna some swim outfits. I bet she looks cute in the, but no cuter than her lovely mother who her daddy loves more than anyone in this world.
I think Ted will be home before Christmas dear because we all filled out the same form and it also asks whether you want you discharge or a posting to Canada. But it says on it you might not necessarily get what you want. They are sending a lot of administration fellows to the Continent or to London. But I expect I will be in the prisoner of war section for 2 or 3 months more anyway and by then I imagine they will know what to do with us. The occupation of Germany is only for 6 months to your posting then you are posted home and somebody else replaces you. So I might just be as far ahead if I got posted there but I have too long in this outfit to volunteer for anything. Tell Marg not to feel too bad about Ted because I bet you he is going to surprise her and walk in on her someday soon. I bet that will excite her and aggravate his parents.
Well darling I am running out of room here so I will end it here. With lots of love from the bottom of my heart,
Your loving husband,



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