June 9th, 1945

Hello darling;

Well here it is Saturday afternoon and as things have quietened down in the office I thought I would drop you a few lines. I am writing from the lounge in the hotel where I work. It is really fixed up swell for the ex-prisoners of war, there is some really lovely music on right now. They have just finished playing “That Old Feeling” and it certainly made me think of you dear.
The weather is still not any too hot. I am getting a 48 hour leave tomorrow and Monday but I am not going anywhere very far. I am thinking of going out to an old church and Roman Ruins at a place called ChristChurch about 10 miles out of town and Monday afternoon I think I will go swimming at the baths. Last night I went to the show with Ross and saw “Tonight and Every Night” with Rita Hayworth. I was just fair I thought.
I received a letter from my Aunt Clara also giving me an invitation to visit them but I do not know how I am going to see them all. I expect to be getting leave the last week in June and the first in July. By the way Harry James is playing “I don’t want to walk without you Baby” and that really is the way I feel about you darling. I have not seen one girl that could come anywhere near you darling. I guess I just love you so much. Ahem, enough about that, you just wait until I get home and I’ll make up for lost time.
Boy the fellows think Donna is a pretty cute chick. I think she is just wonderful, how about promising me about 5 more like her dear? I see by our service paper that they are sending 35,000 men home in 3 weeks, most of them are going to the Pacific though. It is all going to be volunteer though.
Well darling it will be 3 months since I last saw you and it had gone fairly fast hasn’t it. Ross Blake is a real dandy fellow, he is quite a hip cat and I do not know what I would do unless I had a good pal like him to chum around with. He wishes he had got married to his girl back home before he left. It really has been the happiest days of my life darling, even though we have not been together but we will have a long time to make up for that won’t we darling?
Well that is about all for now dear so until Tuesday,
All my love dearest,



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