May 23rd, 1945

Hello my darling;

I received 4 of your letters on Monday and I was very excited to get them all at one. I was very glad to hear from you and to hear that you had such a good time on V day. I have not got very much news to tell you today, still working as hard as ever. I have been to 2 shows this week already, “Hollywood Canteen” was one and it was pretty good, the other was a Sherlock Holmes and a picture called “Enigma” which was just awful. Things are pretty well the same here, rumours all the time as to when we will be getting home which would be a lot faster anyway. But I am not counting on getting home for a year anyways and so I will not be disappointed if I do not make it before than.
I am very comfortable and the meals are good so I can’t complain very much even though I would give anything to be home with you and Donna darling. I am certainly looking forward to it, an awful lot!
I just have been planning all the good times we are going to have and we are certainly going to have some (oh boy!).
I am looking forward to receiving Donna’s picture, she certainly must look very cute in it.
So Toronto went wild eh? I was very sober here though, but I think I told you about the big dance here it got pretty wild after I left, I heard, and there was certainly a lot of……..going on!
I went to a dance on Saturday night that was not too bad, it was the same company holding it and with a whole 4 piece band and of course they had cake and sandwiches. They sell a full course meal at all of the dances. The shows all have a restaurant in them. The Brits do think with their stomachs here but I have only had one meal in a restaurant since I have arrived, of course I eat snacks etc., but at the service clubs.
I have still got 3 rolls of film left that I have not used but I as saving them to take when I got my leave.
Gee darling, I think of you all the time and all the loving we have to catch up on. I really love you more than ever dear, if that is possible and I am just living for when we can be together again and thank heaven it will not be so very long now.
Ted should be home around October or November I think but I do not think they have definitely decided on anything yet, but they are sending home front line fellows who volunteered for the Pacific. But he certainly did send home a bunch of money to Marg to buy that car. But here is one guy they will not get to volunteer! But they do not need many anyway.
I am glad to hear that Mom and Pop and my aunt are all OK. I hope your Mom and Pop and little Bev are all fine too. I guess Bev is quite a little gal by now. Just think I have been away about 2 1/2 months already. I can still remember that morning at the station, we really did not have to say anything to each other about the way we felt did we dear? And that is the way it will always be. I do not have to tell you how much I love you because I think you know.
Well darling that is about all for now and so I will write you on Sunday again dear and for now to you and Donna,
All my love,



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