May 10th, 1945

Hello darling

Darling, by the time that you get this I am sure you will know that the war is now over. I am so thrilled to think that the tragedy of war is now over and for good. It will only be a matter of time before I know you will be sent home and we can start our new life together you me and Donna.
I am writing this letter to you thinking only happy thoughts. Donna is fast asleep in her bassinette at the foot of my bed and I cannot even begin to think that her life will be and what we will b able to do for her once you are back on Canadian soil. I know I am sounding a little melodramatic but I cannot express how happy I am that you made it through OK considering all the people we know who did not survive or were impacted by the war.
Everyone here was so happy when we got the news that we all decided to take a walk along the Danforth and what a celebration that was. People were honking their car horns, they were waving the Union jack flag and people took to the streets with drinks in hand in singing songs. It was almost impossible to push the stroller down the streets, and of course we had Beverley with us as well. Mom stayed home but Pop and I got ourselves together and headed out once we heard the news on the radio.
All the dreaming we did and all the planning we talked about can finally come true. There is still a lot of talking to do and we need to find out where we are going to live, but all of that can be done when you finally get back home to me.
Work has been fine dear and I think that there will be a lot more people buying things now that the news about the war has come through. I gather that I will be busier than ever, not just at work but attending welcome home parties and the like.
I am not sure when Ted will be coming home but I suspect that Marg will know very soon and she will be able to start planning an escape from that house and they can make the move soon rather than later. I just hope that they decide to stay close to where we are dear as that would be lovely to be so close so that the babies can grow up together, and of course not to forget Beverley.
Well darling I wanted to make sure that I got pen to paper as soon as I got the news and I am sure that you will be writing me soon so with that I will tell you how much I love you and that I cannot wait to have you in my arms again, and this time it will be for good.
With that, loving you more and more each day,
Your loving wife



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