May 20th, 1945

Hello Darling:

Well here is is Sunday dear and a very dreary day at that. I am working today and I really do not mind because there is nothing else to do and as it is Whitsun (Whatever that means) over here it has lengthened the weekend for a lot of people.
I received your very nice letter on Thursday dear ad was glad to get all the good news. So Toots pictures came out OK. I am glad to hear that and I am certainly looking forward to receiving it but I do not imagine I will receive it for 5 or 6 weeks yet. I have got a nice place all picked out in my room for those pictures. I just wish I had one of you to put with it. I believe you can get one of those leather cases with a cardboard front to put them in so that could be your birthday present to me. I have been working until 8PM the last three nights and believe it or not I do not mind at all. We usually go to the K of C or another hospitality house for a snack after work and that just about completes my program for the night. I think I will be going to a show tonight to see George Formmbly, there is not very much showing this weekend.
So Ted is doing alright for himself. I wonder what he is doing for money, a 1941 car? Oh well I will have one myself in a year or so and then you and I can go to the Palais Royale ourselves.
How is our car holding up dear? Well I hope. Has Pop said anything about trying to get Mr. Ingham’s place? I think he could het it for a couple of hundred and I think it would be a swell place to spend our second honeymoon and we are going to have a real dandy one when I come home. Shall we go to the same room at the Royal York? I think it would be a good idea and then we could head up north. But this time we will not spend a night in a leaky old cabin. But it was a lot if fun anyway. Are you all set for you holidays dear? I hope so, and I think you should have a real nice time, just keep an eye on Donna. She must be getting to be quite a little rascal. She takes after her old Mom huh?
I was just thinking how cute she as when she was in her bath. I do not think she knew what to make if it. Does she still like it as much? Boy I am looking forward to taking you both away for a real holiday when I come home and when we are together again in our own home.
Lets pray it is not too long eh dear? Well I will have to close for now darling, but thinking if you all the time and give Donna a kiss from me.
All my love darling,



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