June 2nd, 1945

Hello darling;

Well here it is Saturday afternoon, I am at work but as it is rather quiet right now I thought I would drop you a few lines. I received your letter of the 19th yesterday saying that you were mailing Donna’s pictures. I ca’nt get over how lovely she looked in it and I do not need to say how really proud I am to show it off. We had a big bunch of fellows come in yesterday. I really do not know what they are going to with them all, unless a lot go to Germany for an Army of Occupation.
Things are just about the same here. Ross received a nice box from his public school and we have had some good feeds out of it. He received a can of concentrated orange juice and he does not like it so I am drinking it for him.
Things are just the same here everybody just waiting to get home but I am not counting on a thing. I am figuring on a year over here anyway, that is the best thing to do and then we will not be disappointed.
We are getting free theatre tickets here now. I have taken in 3 shows in the last week with them.
Well dear I did not get a chance to finish my letter yesterday and so I am back on it now today and what a day. I have met about 10 fellows, which I knew already, in the last bunch that came in. They are all going to the army of Occupation I think. Two of them are from Toronto and are married with a baby.
I worked this morning but I am off this afternoon and I am writing this from my bed on our ironing board. It’s rather chilly out today and not very bright. So I am going to have a sleep as soon as I finish this letter. There are a lot of cars back on the road today, they get 4 gallons a month here now but that is about 120 miles because they have smaller cars here.
I heard from one of the boys that the Radar mechanics will pretty well all be going to the Pacific, that is what Jessie’s husband is. But you never can tell. I am really feeling fine these days in fact, I am eating and sleeping better than I have in a long time and really looking forward to getting home someday.
How is Donna and you keeping darling, well I hope. You will be soon going on your holidays and I really hope you have a lovely time and you really should, and watch out for those beach wolves, HA HA. who prey on defenseless mothers especially those in their 20’s.
Well darling I think that is about all for now but I want to say that I love you and miss you very much darling and give Donna my love and take good care of yourself dear.
As ever, your loving husband,



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