June 6th, 1945

Hello darling;

I received your letter of the 29th today dear and also my mothers and was very glad to receive them dear. I have just come in from the show with Ross and we are both writing letters right now. Things are pretty well the same as usual, the work has slackened off pretty well and we should be getting a little time off. The weather has been particularly good, the 3 or 4 days though and I really do not care if I get any time off or not.
I spoke to you about the big draft that just came over. I am meeting more fellows every day who are on it. A lot of them are going t Germany, they had us fill a form out yesterday asking us what we wanted to do. I asked for my discharge first, then the Western Hemisphere second, Germany third and the Pacific last. We had to out them down in the order we wanted them but if they want us for any of them they will take us regardless of what we want. But there are a lot of fellows who do want Germany and the Pacific but all I would like to do is get home to you and Donna dear.
We are very comfortable here dear but I miss you an awful lot darling as you should know by now. But we will have a long time ahead of us when I get home, even though I am here for a year, but nobody seems to know a darn thing and I really think they are waiting on the outcome of the elections.
I am glad to hear that Donna is getting along so well dear. Mom says that they call her Miss Hopper because she is always hopping along, she is quite lively eh? Well she will be walking any day now I imagine. She looks so serious in her picture and her eyes are just like saucers. I think it is a really lovely picture. Mom is very pleased with her copy, she says, they have it on the piano. Tomorrow is room inspection day so as soon as I finish the letter, I am going to get the room cleaned up a bit. By the way do you know Charlie Dugan, he came over on this last draft. They really had an awful trip comparted to ours. Everybody was sea sick and the food was poor, so we were quite lucky. I wonder when Jack Sherman will be getting home, but they tell me they need cooks over here badly so it is hard to say. Well I guess you are looking forward to you holidays. Are you going to get a bathing suit for Donna? I guess she is still too small but you could get a sun suit though I guess. I got Mrs. Mickie’s parcel away OK dear, I had misplaced the address for some time.
I guess that is about all for now but take care of yourself dear and so for now all my love to you and Donna.
Your loving husband,



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