May 30th, 1945

Hello darling;

Well dear I just found out for sure today that I am the father if the most beautiful baby in the world. I received Donna’s picture today believe it or not it only took one week and it really is lovely isn’t it dear? All I want is one of you now and I will be all set, thank you very much darling.
Well it is noon hour right now and Ross and I are in our room just relaxing. We have slowed down in our work and I should be getting the odd afternoon or so off. The weather today is just fair and it is rather chilly but all in all we have been having pretty good weather lately.
I went to the K of C last night and we had a regular jam session. They have a couple of hundred real good records and Ross and I played them all night. Monday night we went to the show and saw “A Tree grows in Brooklyn”. I received a littler today from my other Aunt and Uncle in Weston saying that they will be expecting me on my leave. I received your last letter and my Dads on Monday and as usual was very glad to get them. Has the gas ration at home lifted yet, and how about the food ration, is there anything new on that?
So Marg expects Ted home in August. I hope he gets home then too, but nothing had been done here yet to get anybody home. They seem to be holding everybody up for something, even they boys who have been here 3 or 4 years. I certainly miss you an awful lot darling and Donna too of course, but we have had a lot of good times since we have bene together, more than a lot of other couples. So we should thank God for all that we have got.
When I think like that darling I feel a lot better. I would like to come home right now to you and Donna, but we are still young and we still have a long time ahead of us haven’t we darling? So do not feel too bad because we are separated.
I do not know why I get sentimental like that dear unless it is I realize how much I love you and do not worry about me darling. I am fine and really doing better and living more completely since I first got in the service. Well now that is off my chest, let me see.
Ross is sleeping now, he is just a growing boy you know. He is only 20 and is about 6.2 tall. He is a quite good looking guy, but he is pretty well tied up back home and does not bother with the girls. You can tell your Pop that the beer over here is just like water. It really is awful and good old Willie is not doing any drinking except for tea. Boy what I would not do for a real nice cup of milk!
Well darling I will have to close now but thanks for the lovely picture darling I certainly think it is wonderful and remember to say HI to my Mom and Pop.
I will write them tomorrow and Mom and Pop Booth as well. So for now darling, all my love dear, I will write you on Saturday again,
Your loving husband,



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