October 20, 1941

Dear Bill

I am so sorry that it has been so long since I wrote you last. Things at home have been very busy for me and the family. I have been working evenings all week and my boos has asked to come in early to help with some inventory. So of course being a good little girl that I am I said yes. We also need to the money so I guess it is a good thing that I said yes.
I has been unseasonably cold this week so thank goodness I have my extra heavy wool coat that I can wear when I walk to the street car. On Monday when I was talking the streetcar there was a fire at one of the stores and we had to wait until the fire brigade put out the fire. At least I was able to watch something as we sat. I certainly hope that no one was hurt in the incident.
Bill my love, when can we expect you to come down for another visit. I certainly enjoyed the last one….but as I told you before I am a good girl, some times. HA HA.
The other thing that has been somewhat upsetting is that my mom has been quite ill for some time, I am not sure what it is? She has been drinking a lot of milk just to make sure that she keeping up with her vitamins. She is very tired but she continues to go to work which I think keeps her mind off of what is making her ill. My dad and I just hop that it is nothing more serious.
How are you doing at your post in Ottawa? Have you been to many more dances? I hope you are being the gentleman with the gals there in town. I sure hope that they are not showing you the town and a good time.
This has to be a short note as I do not have much time as I am getting ready to go out this evening. I hope that is OK with you? I am meeting up with Hazel and I am sure she has a lot to tell me about Rex and how he is fairing now that he is not able to be part of the Air Force due to his eyes.
Lots of love and kisses and we will see you soon….and I really hope is it sooner than later

I think you noticed that I am adding more kisses for you

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