November 30, 1941

My dearest Willie

I am glad that I have been receiving your letters, they truly do make the time go by quicker when I get them in the mail. I have been trying to get some new “gossip” for you but there seems to be very little that I can gather.
I met up with Marg the other day and she was telling me about Ted. I am still wondering where Ted will end up but I am sure that he will not be happy. I have been able to save up some money and I am putting it away for a rainy day. I hope that the rainy day I am thinking of is the same one you keep talking about.
The weather here has not been so nice lately. It has been raining and snowing, can you believe it. Before you know it will be Christmas, how I love the holidays.
It is too bad that you are not able to get the time off at Christmas but I am sure we will be able to make the best of the time you have off at New Years. It will be so much fun. You know how I love to dance so I am expecting you to take me somewhere, and not just your mothers house again!
My mother is still not feeling up to snuff. She is tired all the time and she seems to sleep more than usual. I have tried to get her to go to the doctor but you know how she can be. Maybe I can just over reacting and thinking bad thoughts for no reason.
I have been trying to got to bed early and get some rest as work will be very busy this month. Is there anything special that you would like for Christmas. And you cant say me because you already have that.
I am getting tired my love so I think I will have to sign off now. I will try and get more news for you to keep you up to date with what is happening here in good old Toronto as I know you miss the city.

With love and kisses

P.S See how I gave you kisses differently

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