September 18, 1941

Doreen Dear

I certainly had an awful time on that train on our way to Ottawa. I slept off and on until we got here at 8 o’clock in the morning. We reported right straight here and then we went looking for a place to board. What a time. We saw some of the dirtiest houses I think I ever saw. I was really afraid to go into some of them and I think you understand what I am saying. Well we finally found a place a half an hour walk away from the Headquarters.
But it is really a swell home. It is a private home and a woman and her daughter live there alone and we both now having singles beds to ourselves. I really is ok.
Ask Mom to write as soon as she can and of course you too. My new home address is:
97 Preston Street
Ottawa, Ontario
Write here rather than the headquarters and you will get an answer quicker.
We had more inoculations today and Doreen I am afraid that I wont be able to write much more to you today because I don’t quite feel up to it. I will write to you on Monday or tomorrow as I will feel a little more settled and will have a clearer mind to write down what is going on here.
Well I will close now Doreen but I will be expecting to hear from you soon

Yours Very Truly

Lots of love Dear and lots and lots of kisses
If the folks decide to come down for a visit don’t forget to come too.

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