December 11, 1941

Dear Bill

I hope all is well with you my darling, but I am surprised that I am able to write this letter as my hand and pen are shaking. I am filled with fear and I am very anxious with the news I am about to share with you.
I am almost out of breath as I ran up the stairs to get my pen and paper so that I could get my thoughts down on paper as soon as possible.
My mother is not as ill as we once thought she was. It is not something that she will easily get over as it turns out my mother is actually pregnant. I cannot believe I am writing these words down on paper for you darling but again she is PREGNANT.
We certainly thought that is was possible that she was just having stomach issues, or that there was something more ominous about her sickness but as it turns out she is going to have a baby. A Baby.
As we both have talked about before we are both only children and being the only child for the last 20 years I have got used to be being the only one for my parents.
But there you have it. My mother is going to have a baby after 20 years of having only me. I can say that I am very excited about having a brother or a sister and oh what fun it will be to have a baby that I can push around in the pram down the street. Oh I am sure that the neighbours will talk about a single gal like me pushing a baby down the street so we will have to make sure that we tell everyone that it is actually my brother or sister and not my baby.
Mom and I walked home from the doctors office and we really did not have much to say. She was very quiet and I think the news had not quite sunk in as of yet. I am sure that it will be a lot to take and they will have their hands full. Here I am a working gal and hopefully finding my true love (not hoping but actually found my true love) and I will have a baby at home. The doctor thinks that the baby will be coming some time in March so it will be a great spring!
I know that we still have not made the plans official for New Years eve yet and I will make sure that is what I will focus on this week.
Going back downstairs to be with Mother and get a cup a tea and a cookie, here is hoping that will calm her nerves.

Lots of love and Love


P.S I cannot wait to kiss you my love on New Years Eve

3 thoughts on “December 11, 1941

  1. I can’t imagine what it without be like to get a sibling after 20 years. Love these glimpses. I wish I could know done of the background context, but for that I’m sure you’d have to find the letters of many more couples. Thanks again for sharing these… I’ve gotten a number of smiles from the letters already 🙂


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