September 25, 1941

Dear Doreen

I was very glad to receive your letter and so I am writing to you right away.
Well I got back from Montreal OK. I went bowling Monday night and I was made a captain of the team the “Spitfires” truly good name eh? Tuesday night I was pretty tired so I went to bed at 9 o’clock. Last night I went to the show and “Dr. Kildares Marriage” It was a pretty sad picture, I don’t know whether you have seen it or not but its good for a weep if you haven’t. In the picture Molly Lamont the nurse Dr. Kildare is going to marry gets killed the night before the wedding but I wont tell you anymore.
I had my supper her at the I.O.D.E (United Service Club) so I am writing on their stationary. Th etc.ey have the place pretty well fixed up with a radio Victrola etc. We have some popular recordings too eg. Jimmie Dorsey, Glen Miller “Do you” etc. They say Artie Shaw was pretty good here last night. By the way if you haven’t got that recording don’t bother getting “I’d go out of my way” by Jan Savitt, its not very good.
I don’t think that I will be able to get down for a month or so but I will try and get down just the same. It costs $5.90 by bus and if I can leave Saturday afternoon I would get there late Saturday night, but I will let you know when I can get down.
Its too bad you cant come down here for a couple of days. We are having a dance on the 30th of October and its a Thursday. Try and get off for Thursday and Friday and Saturday morning. I’ll pay for your transportation here.
By the way dear do you know how much I miss you? Well I will tell you when I see you but I want you to know I do miss you an awful lot. Its pretty lonely here without you but I’ll be seeing you soon I hope.
I am supposed to get another blue uniform but my kit sheet is not here from Belleville yet and I cant get it. I would rather be at a station than here. Its more fun and a bit more adventurous. Why cant you see what you can do about me being posted to a different station?
By the way why cant you write the joke in your letters.
Why don’t you try and get a job at the C.N Telegraph (Newspaper) it would be more money for us later on and you know there are always likely to be new arrivals (get it!) I get paid $36.00 on Tuesday for 2 weeks, not too bad eh?
I have not got an answer yet form my mother yet but there might be a letter at home from me. If she has not written tell her to write soon. By the way you wanted to know what the landlady’s daughter was like. She is about 27, a spinster rather tall and thin not a bad girl but a bit queer.
I was in bed the other night when she yelled to someone to help her. So I ran downstairs to see what was the matter and she pointed at a spider. She was scared stiff. But otherwise she is alright.
Well cutie I guess I’ll have to beat it or someone will think that I am proposing in the letter. (not a bad idea) the way I feel. So don’t forget to write soon and ill try and get down within 2 or 3 weeks or so.

Lots and lots of love

And behave yourself now and here’s hoping I see you soon in that new dress you said you might be getting.

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