December 9, 1941

Doreen Darling

It is exactly 10:23 Sunday morning and I am doing exactly nothing this morning. I received your swell letter and you know how much I look forward to receiving it. But what I really am looking forward to now is that 5 days at New Years.
I’m glad to hear that you got a nice table cloth for mother. Have you decided where you would like to go New Years Eve?
Well I worked pretty hard every night last week (oh Yeah) frankly I didn’t have a thing to do. I got up at abut 11AM every morning and went to the show for 3 afternoons. But today is going to be a tough one. From this morning till 11 tonight and nothing to do but write all my girlfriends. I am goad to hear that you are getting a lot of practice washing dear. It might come in useful (I hope!)
Well as usual I haven’t much to say. Its only 2 weeks now before I will be home and I wish you knew how much I am going to look forward to seeing you again.
Ottawa really is dead from the feet up. I’d like to get back to Toronto for next summer. But time will tell. Tell my mother to let me know if she got my letter and tell her to write me soon. I wrote her last week at the same time I wrote you so she should have some letters when you did.
It snowed all day here yesterday and there is about 4 inches of snow so I guess that ends my chances of getting home till New Years. So not seeing you for that long you had better not get too close to or I am liable to eat you. You looked pretty enough the last tie I saw you and now it is going to be 2 weeks let alone 3 weeks. What are you going to wear New Years Eve and what do you want me to wear?
By the way dear, I got more money saved up than you. The only thing is I am spending money on now is that little French girl because she does not like to go out much, she would rather stay in evenings and who am I to argue…HA HA.
Well darling I think you know how much I doing really miss you dear. There are a lots of girls here in Ottawa. But as far as you are concerned you are so much more mature than them that there isn’t any comparison and as far as I am concerned it will always be that way and that means one thing I LOVE YOU and I do not care who knows it.
So write soon dear and I hope the girls in the office do not tease you any more about my telling you I love you. I see that it has just started to snow again, I just hope that the train gets through in 3 weeks because nothing is going to stop me from pulling into Toronto.
We got new Identification badges on Saturday, so that way you can always identify me. I am enclosing a couple of cartoons that I think are rather cute.
Well dear I think I had better go but write soon and behave yourself and you ought to go and listen to Artie Shaw and think of me. I just wish I could get down to you now. So don’t forget to get the tickets for New Years Eve and I will pay you when I get down.
So lots and lots and lots of love

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX these are your kisses for the week…I gave you extra

P.S. I think the jokes are funny….

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