December 23rd, 1941

Doreen Dear:

Well darling on a week more and I will be off to Toronto to the sweetest little girl I know. Boy was your last letter a shock to the system as I know that you are going to be a “Big” sister to a little bundle of joy. I am sure that the shock of all the news has worn off by now, but I am cannot believe it even when I saw it on the piece of paper. Boy I just hope that your parents are handling the shock OK.
For some reason when I read your letter I remembered how much I miss you and maybe one day we will be able to celebrate similar news like your parents.
This week I didn’t do very much (as usual) Monday night I bowled. Tuesday night I went to the show. Wednesday and Friday night I went to the Y and Thursday night I went to the Red Triangle pub to play cards and ping-pong.
By the way beware of anybody that makes long loops on there writing like me. I was reading an article and it said that people that made long loops on their writing had a dirty mind, if you know what I mean. By the way I just noticed on your letters that you did too dear, so we ought to make a good team don’t you think so darling? I DEFINITELY do!
I don’t care where we go on New Years Eve dear. I’ll be so glad to be back with you that they will all look swell and Doreen I just want to say again that one thing this war did to me was make me realize how much I really do car for you and how much you fit into my life.
But I will tell you all about that when I see you dear, but I just hope that you think the same way too. You think that it is cold there but here in Ottawa we had a foot of snow on Friday and right now it is 10 below zero. I was thinking on Thursday that I would try and get down. But that snow storm stopped that.
I’m writing from the United Service Club right now and Bob has just come in and is sending out his Christmas cards. I told him I think that they will arrive late but he didn’t seem to mind.
I think I am going to try and get my annual leave the 3rd week in January. By the way I have got an invitation for 2 Christmas dinners one from Mrs. Trerney the landlady and the other from that fellow I used to go to school with who I have met here.
Well darling I guess that I will have to get going and don’t forget to write dear and I will write you back. Send my congratulations to your parents about the big news.
When I come home make sure you keep up the mistletoe until New Years and meet me under I, even though I think we do not need it.

I love you


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