December 11th, 1945

Hi Darling;

I am sorry that I am a day late in getting your letter away but U could not get any air mail forms yesterday at all.
Well I received a very nice letter from you yesterday darling and was glad to hear that everything is OK and well under control including our little daughter. So she is sitting at the piano now, gosh it makes me wish I was home so much when you describe her little ways and what she had been doing. So keep me informed dear.
Well the people over here day that it is cold, but I think the weather is just great. It is like October weather back home and for me that is just dandy!
I had a letter from Dad dated Friday saying he thought he would be getting on board a boat for home on Saturday. I did not want to say anything but he sounded so sure I thought I would tell you. But if he is not home by the time you receive this do not say anything to Mom about it.
Well I got my Christmas cards to Canada away last Friday. I sent one to pretty well everybody I could think of but you can send one to anybody you wish dear and say it is from you and Donna. I received Mom’s yesterday.
I am afraid that I have led a very quiet life since you last heard from me. I worked nights up to last Friday. Saturday night I saw “You came Along” and what a beautiful picture it was. I enjoyed it very much. Sunday I went to a U.S.O show and it was really swell. They had an all star band. All the guys used to play with name bands in the states and also some dancers and comedians.
I am outdoors all the time now riding my bike and I am on my own. I really enjoy it as well as possible under the circumstances. I mean by that being separated from you and Donna dear. Gosh how I am looking forward to that reunion and darling I love you more than ever. That is one thing that our separation has done for me, it has made each of us realize how much we need each other and darling I do need you so very much.
Well still no further news on Repats, but if I am not home by April or May I am going to have you and Mom start writing letters to the R.C.A.F and raise a beef.
Well, so long for now dear and as always,
All my love,



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