December 16th, 1945

Hi Darling;

Well here I am again, I am sorry I did not write you sooner, but I have been a little under the weather. I have had a touch of the “flu” for the last 3 days but I am feeling fine now. What I need is you to look after me and also to go to bed with you.
I have not heard from my Dad since last Saturday when he said if I did not hear from him within 2 or 3 days he would be on his way home. So I hope that he is on his way, if he is, he certainly is lucky with all those people ahead of him waiting to go. There are 30,000 brides alone but they have got 2 hospitals for them now and they say they will all be in Canada by the late summer.
Well dear, we will all be out of Bournemouth by the end of January, however that definitely does not mean we will all be going home. I think I will either got to Torguay or Topcliffe which is up near Birmingham. I am sorry that I can’t give you more optimistic news but it is no use to build up your hopes and then be disappointed darling. If you only knew how much I want to get home. I would do anything to get there.
I’ve got a new roommate now, his name is Armstrong, he lives on Carlaw Ave just opposite Withrow Park. He is pretty downhearted though, his wife has left him for some other guy and he cannot seem to get over it. I do not know how people can throw over their wives or husbands like that after being in love, but I do not think that they would love each other as deeply as you and I do, or they couldn’t.
Ross was down for the weekend and I had a little cat with him, nothing very much to report though, he does not like it where he is. I would hate to leave Bournemouth myself, it is a really beautiful place and when I walked down to the beach today, people were sitting on the deck chairs as it was so mild.
Well darling I guess this will be the last letter you have from me before Christmas. I have not sent you what I got for you and Donna yet, but I will be sending them after Christmas when the post is moving a little faster.
And so dearest all my love and a very Happy Christmas,
Your loving husband,



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