December 5th, 1945

Hello my darling;

Well here is your very lonesome husband again dearest. It is Wednesday night and I am still on nights, the only thing that keeps me company is the radio and as usual, there is lots of music. It is 11:25 and I am not the least bit tired. I guess I am just getting to much rest at least I am in good shape (aren’t you afraid).
So you are reading some interesting books on sex. I am glad you are, but you know that we rally do not have to read now. We seemed to do pretty good didn’t we? At least I never complained and look what a beautiful little girl we got out of it! Seriously though dearest I certainly miss your loving an awful lot but I can at least look forward to it in the near future.
We have four boats taking the boys home now, the Duchess of Beaford, Monarch of Bermuda, Mauretania and the “Lizzie” so that should help out an awful lot.
I received a letter from Mom on Monday but I think I mentioned that in my typewritten masterpiece to you. Boy that took a long time to type and what a lot of words you can put on one of these airmail papers with a typewriter.
So Toots like to fight? Well I guess she gets that from the both is us because we both like a good fight don’t we and what a beating you are going to take in our next tussle, but you know I am just kidding around, or am I?
Well I got my Christmas Cards away dear, and a letter to the Caringorm, thanking them for their parcel. I am running short of razor blades dear so would you send about 6 or so packages. Send Minora if you can, they are only 10 cents a package and I like them best of all.
Well now let see what I have been sleeping every day to about 12 o’clock and then I usually just kick around one of our clubs here and play billiards. On Monday though I saw “Johnny Angel” and “Beside Manner” I am going to see “You came Along” on Saturday, they sat it is a good picture.
Well I have got a couple of pals here now to keep me company so it is not too bad with then and the radio.
Well dearest that is the “works” for now and so as always,
All my love,



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