October 24th, 1945

Hi Darling;

Well here I am again dear, it is the last day of my leave and I am back in Bournemouth and what a day. The waves are coming over the road on the beach, it is quite a gale. One minute the sun is shining and the next it is pouring rain. I had two nice letters from you and one from my mother waiting for me when I came back.
It was nice to get leaves now and again but it does not compare to the leaves I had with you but they are just pleasant memories now. But do I ever miss those wonderful times we had together, but as I have said before darling we will just have to put up with being apart just a while longer. By the way darling you have never said if Jack Sherman has made it back yet. I am inclined to think he is in the same spot as I am. He has been over here for a long time though but the government do not take personal feelings into consideration.
Well they are having another Victory Loan Campaign. I see I was thinking dear we should sink all our available money into it. I will be getting about $700 when I get my discharge and that will carry us through until I get started working. My Dad and I were talking and we thought we might go into business together in the jewelry business. He would manufacture it and I would handle the business and do not tell my Mom anything about it though. I would like to speak to you first though darling and get your opinion on our future together.
You never say very much about getting a place in the country for us. I would not think about it if I thought you would not like to live there. So think it all over and let me know. By the way have you received my book from the states yet. You keep the plans there if they are too big to send over to me.
I am very comfortable here now. I get new sheets every week and I am by myself so it is the best under the circumstances. So Ted thinks baby Judy is spoiled, and he does not want any more children. I do not think along those lines at all dear and I certainly hope you do not either. Having Donna has made me very happy and proud and next to you dear I love her more than anything or anybody.
Well darling, I will end it on that note so telling you and Toots that I love you both very much.
All my love,


XXXXXX – for Toots

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