October 28th, 1945

Hello Darling;

Well here I am again dear, it is Sunday afternoon and what an awful day it is. A gale is blowing and the ocean is really rough.
Well as usual I have been leading a very quite life. Thursday night I went to the show and saw “The Very Thought of You” and enjoyed it very much. Friday night I went to our dance and last night I went to the show again. Tonight is my night to work and I really enjoy it as I get tomorrow off.
I think about you and Donna all the time dear, and can hardly wait until I get home. I keep telling myself to keep patient but it is pretty hard isn’t it and then when I hear about all the boys going home and getting their discharge it makes it all the harder to be positive.
Well dear I am glad that you are feeling well and putting on weight. Boy you would look lovely to me anyway though darling. I must love you and I do, very much. I am feeling great myself. So “Toots” is taking your hand now, she is really growing up fast isn’t she and as for being smart, look at who her mother and father are…HAHA.
It does not seem that long ago since Donna was christened does it? I know how Ted must have felt, not being there for when Judy was christened. Once I get started on something like that I try not to think about all the things that I have missed and all the firsts that you are experiencing without me and that is when I get down on myself.
Has Ted decided what he wants to do yet? I certainly wish I was home and only had that to worry about. Oh well the months will go slow but they will eventually pass and we will be together again.
Ross has certainly got his hands full, he has 2 girlfriends over here. He is not serious with either of them as far as he is concerned. They are just good for passing the time and doing certain things to make a man happy, do you know what they are dear? They are both trying to trap him but he is being VERY careful.
The girls over here really want to get to Canada and they are not shy about telling you. But dearest I have not seen one who is nearly as lovely, sweet and dare I say gorgeous as you are, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Of course I have to carry a club to beat them away over here
I have just been reading the weekly digest over here and it says that husbands are starting to come back and finding their wives with one, two and even three children that they cannot possibly be the father of, as they have bene over here for 2 years. Here is hoping that I come home to only one mouth to feed darling.
Well enough about that, but I have to close now and so all my love darling,



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