October 20th, 1945

Hi Darling;

Well it is 10 o’clock Saturday morning dear and I am sitting on the loving room of my Aunts home in Birmingham and looking out the windows at a very beautiful piece of country.
I left Wales Tuesday morning after a very nice three days there. I think I mentioned in my last letter about the tour through the castle etc. On Wednesday I went to a little Welsh village called Betws-y-Coed, see if you can pronounce that and it was just like a fairyland, it was really beautiful, it is quite a popular spot for honeymooners and it brought back a lot of lovely memories to me darling. I hope we will never forget the good times we had together dearest even though it was so short and we are going to have a lot, lot more this summer I hope and we will have Toots along to make it even more fun.
I hope you are both fine dear. I have Donna’s picture with me and Dad is always making a fuss over it. I just wish you both were here and if I am here for another year or so I will seriously think about bringing you over. Every one of my Aunts have given us an invitation to stay with them and they all have lovely and comfortable homes. But I really think I will be home next spring darling.
Well my father is fine, but worrying a lot about getting home. I was inquiring about him flying home yesterday and I have to go back next week again. I feel very sorry for both my Mother and father and I really do not know what to sat but I am going to remain neutral as much as possible.
Well has Ted decided what we wants to do yet? He is certainly lucky to be home again. But then he was over here for a year and a half so I cannot complain can I? Has he been out getting some new clothes yet? That is what I am looking forward to taking that 100$ clothing allowance and spending 75 cents on a new pair of socks.
Oh I almost forgot my cousin Harry would give anything for a Ronson lighter and a pound or so of Edgeworth tobacco so will you send some over with your next parcel will you dear?
Well I guess that is all for now, but will write to you on Monday with all the news,
All my love,



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