June 19th, 1945

Hello Darling;

Well here we are on a bright Tuesday afternoon dear and It really is lovely and warm. We have only really had three really lovely days and I have got myself quite a tan. I have been spending my noon hours on the beach on a beach chair. It is really like a vacation really. I received your letter of the 9th today dear and was tickled to hear about Donna walking for the first time, boy she must have been cute. I just wish I had been there. I have not received a parcel yet dear. I would not worry though as it is quite likely it got held up somewhere.
Well I have been doing nothing exciting lately except Ross and I had a little excitement the other night. We had a big feed of cheese, pickles and chicken and then we had gone to bed. Well I woke up and could have sworn that there was a girl in our room, but of course it was a nightmare. I woke up Ross and told him there what happened and he told me that I was nuts and to go back to sleep. I think our little mouse friend has left us and I really miss him. Tonight I am going to the show with Ross and then down to the K of C and listen to records.
I have certainly been doing a lot of thinking of the swell times we have had together dear and I am so glad you and I will be able to plan our future and that I have you and Donna to come back to. Also with the gratuity that I will be getting, we can get started in our own little home in the country.
They are forwarded me some additional literature on the holding proposition and I think with your help we can make a go of it. We can raise our children there better than we can in the city. Just think fresh fruits and vegetables all the year around in you own freezer and all the privacy that we will have, Oh boy don’t get me started on that.
But I have got big plans for us darling and I just hope that the Lord is willing for you and I to get started on it someday soon.
I have just finished writing my Mom and Dad, oh by the way I just received a letter from Mr. and Mrs. Mackie saying that they received their parcel OK and that they would be very happy to have me on my leave.
Dear, would you send me my tweed suit, that is the light brown one, just send me one pair of pants and maybe a new shirt and tie and put that all in the box that would be swell.
Gosh dear, when you say that you are planning on taking Donna downtown to show the girls at the office how big she has got I do wish that I was there with you showing her off like a proud Papa.
So for now darling from a husband who love you very much,
All my love,



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