June 22, 1945

Hello darling;

Well I am just sitting here doing nothing this afternoon so I thought I would drop you a few lines. It is Friday afternoon and it is a very nice day. I am off tomorrow afternoon and Sunday so I was just wondering what I would do.
I received 2 letters from you yesterday, a parcel from the Church and a letter from Dad, so it was a very nice day. The parcel had a pair of socks, 2 handkerchiefs, a toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, razor blades, gum and candy so it was very welcome. I wrote the church yesterday thanking them for it.
Things are really quiet here now, I think that they are going to make the station into a Repost depot, for the fellows that are heading to the Pacific. They are staring to come through already. I just hope I will not be one of them! I do not want anything to get me side tracked to get me home so I can settle down with you and Donna.
She is getting to be quite a live wire eh? She certainly must be a lot of fun, if I was only home with the two of you. At least you are sure that I will be coming home in a not too distant future. I will certainly be looking forward to that parcel you mentioned in your letter.
I hope Pop Booth has wrapped it up good as I have had only one little snort of Scotch since I have been here and with the beer being the way it is, it has been really rough.
I have been to 3 shows already this week and since they are having a staff dance tonight I think I will be going there. They certainly serve really good food and lots of it. The girls are waifs and they all look like something that the cat brought in from the cold, but it is really just something to do.
We are getting powdered milk at noon now, At first I did not like it but I do not mind it too much now.
It is now Sunday night I am just getting back to my letter writing. I spent most of my day today on the beach and taking pictures around town. I think I got a pretty good tan, well that is what the boys are saying around here.
People are just flocking to the town now, and the price that they pay to stay at the hotels around here is quite high. I guess now that the majority of the war is over people are starting to get back to some type of normal life, with family trips to the beach. We will soon have our own memories to make up north once I get back home.
Well darling, I will end it here, but hoping to hear from you and the family soon, so with all my love I will close now,
I remain forever your loving husband,



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