June 16th, 1945

Hello Darling;

Well here it is Saturday morning and as thing are rather quiet I thought I would give you some news. It is a very nice day here today but as of yet I do not know if I am getting the afternoon off. I really do not care one way or another, as I would just go and sit on the beach anyway. I received a few of your letters yesterday and was glad to hear that everyone is keeping well. I was sorry to hear that the weather has not been keeping so well lately.
We are still having some trouble with our little pal “Hortense” the mouse. The night before last he got into my uniforms pocket and ate the chocolate that I had stashed in there. He is a likeable guy and we just put him out of the room when we catch him, so we do not bother with him very much, he bothers with us quiet a lot.
I went to the show and saw “Here comes the waves” and it was not a bad picture but it was not up to Crosby’s best.
So Donna is a fast little thing eh? Gosh I wish I was there to see you and her darling. I wish I was there to see you and her in the playground walking and laughing and playing all the time.
By the way dear did you read in the papers where the Americans are going to send servicemen’s wives and families to England if they are going to be there for more than a year? I wonder if we are going to do the same, it would be a a dandy trip for you and Marg. I would be great but we are so slow here in the service that we would be home before they even started to think about it.
I do not blame Ted for being sore about they way he has been treated but I do not think that they will send him to the Pacific unless he asks for it. But you never know, he is has been misbehaving in the service they just might send him as an example of his behaviour, but you never can tell can you dear?
As I will be here for some time still dear another parcel of good would be lovely if you could send it away soon. I would need some shaving cream, some jam, canned meat, spaghetti and of course anything else you would like to put in would be appreciated.
Gee, from the letters Mom and Pop really think that Donna is wonderful don’t they? I just wish I was there to go out with my beautiful wife and daughter, that would be a pretty grand day but I guess that will have to wait for a while.
Well darling I am running out of space on this airmail so I will end it here.
So for now darling loving you with all my heart, and giving you and Donna kisses to share,
Your loving husband,



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