December 3rd, 1944

Hello darling;

Well here it is Sunday afternoon dear and it really is a beautiful day! I went to Church this morning and there really was a crowd, I think there was six of us!
I received your letter yesterday darling and was very glad to hear that you received your $73, but you get everything you need dear and try and put $50 in the bank. I thought I might have been able to get away this weekend and come home for Saturday night and Sunday but I did not make it, however I hope I will be able to get home next weekend. But if it is a bad time of the month I will make it he weekend after, so let me now that you think darling.
I did go off the station at all last week until last night when another fellow and myself took in a show, that is one thing I will say for this town they have some good shows.
I was thinking dear that if I should get my discharge before the summer you and I could take a trip to Montreal for a couple of days but if I should not be out of this outfit until the summer we could go up to Mrs. Deans for a couple of weeks.
Well we certainly had quite a snow storm down here, how about you? We must have had about 5 inches of snow, the scenery is very nice, we are only about 100 yards from Lake Ontario and it is really lovely.
It is sad to hear that your friend Dot has decided to move to Vancouver dear, I know she has meant a lot to you over the past couple of years and that she has been a good friend. I wish her the best in her new adventures.
I bought a dozen Christmas cards dear, so you can let me know the names and addresses of anybody you would like me to send ones to, also give me the address of Mr. and Mrs. Lillie in Philadelphia.
Well how is our little daughter dear, she will almost be eight months, gosh how times flies. What do you think we should get her for her first Christmas? I will leave that all up to you dear.
A few discharges are starting to trickle through, so who knows what the near future might hold for me. So we can hope and pray for the best anyway.
Well I guess that is all for now dear, but I will write you as soon as I her from you and so dear, look after yourself and all my love,
Your loving husband,



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