November 30th, 1944

Bill Darling;

Well here I am finally getting a chance to sit down and write you a few lines to let you know that everything is fine here and that everyone is doing just grand.
It has been a busy few days here in good old Toronto and now that I have a few minutes to myself I thought I would let you in on all the goings on.
Bill dear, I finally did receive my tax return and it was the grand total of $73 dollars. I think it came at the right time as I will use some of the money to buy Christmas presents. Can you believe that this will be Donna’s first Christmas? I certainly want to get her something special but I do not want everyone to spoil her. I hope that we get snow at Christmas as I think it would make for some lovely pictures with the baby outside, don’t you think?
Your Mom and Pop came around for a visit yesterday. Your Mom went straight passed me and Mom and grabbed the baby and held on to her for the rest of the night. Your Pop was saying that he has been very busy at work, so I am guessing that there are a lot of folks who want rings for Christmas.
I also has a visit for Dot 2 days ago, and Bill dear it was a very sad visit. She came in with her usual flair and she sat me down on the couch in the front room and told me that he has accepted a transfer to the Vancouver Eaton’s store and that after the holiday’s she will be moving to Vancouver. I was very happy for her but I asked her why was she moving. She said that she needed a fresh start and that many of the service men were moving to Vancouver after the war or after they are discharged and she thought that she could find a husband. I think that she is putting many of her eggs in one basket dear. She looked so happy I did not want to say anything. I hope that we stay in touch and that she finds what she is looking for.
Marg has not been by since the Saturday party that we had dear and I have not heard from her on the phone either. I think I will make a stop by at her place today when I take Donna for a walk. I hope that Mrs. Simpson does not answer the door as I suspect that she will not allow Marg to come outside for a walk. It is horrible seeing her like that caged up there in that house.
The weather here has been fair but I am guessing that it will run cold soon enough and we will begin to see the snow fly.
Well darling that is all for now and you are now officially all caught up so please write soon and let me know when you will be home and what leaves you will be planning for Christmas and New Years. So with all my love from the bottom of my heart,
Your loving wife,



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