December 8th, 1944

Hello Darling;

Hello dear, here I am writing a nice letter and still waiting for one from you. I do not think I will be able to make it this weekend and I thought I would write you now and let you know.
Well thing are going along pretty well the same down here dear, the weather today is very miserable but since I am not doing anything very important it does not worry me very much.
Tuesday night I went to the station show. Wednesday night they had a concert on at the station and last night another show. Tonight I think I might go into town with George, he is the fellow that sleeps in the same room as me, and take in a nice show and dinner.
I will not be able to get New Years dear, so I will be home for Christmas. I will have 5 days from the night of the 22nd and I will take my 4 days annual leave on the 8th of January, (45) for 4 days.
I received your package with my shirts in it darling. Thank you very much. Oh by the way do not forget to give me the addressees of all those people I asked for and also the other ones you want me to send Christmas cards to.
Gosh, but I miss you and our little daughter dear and I am looking forward to having a wonderful time with the both of you during the holidays. I also sold that ticket that I won during the quiz night for $2.00.
Frankly dear I am just glad that I got Christmas as New Years. I have never been home at Christmas since I have been in the services and I think it will be just lovely. I remember last New Years eve as I spent it on the train from Montreal to Toronto.
I hope you nave not finished off that little bottle yet dear because we are going to celebrate when I come home and do not forget to het lots of rest and sleep dear because it has bene about 4 weeks since I was last home.
Well dear I better get this away by the afternoon mail and so I will cut it short so for now dear, I remain your loving husband and proud pop,



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