August 26th, 1944

Hello Darling:

I am sorry that I am rather late in writing you dear but I’ve really had a very busy week.
I received your very nice letter dear and was very glad to hear that everything is fine with you, but I was sorry to hear that Pop had lost another tire on his car. Oh well the war shouldn’t last too long now. I figure 2 months more and the European war will be over anyways.
It has turned quite chilly down here and I have a couple of blankets on my bed. I like sleeping when it it chilly or I should say I like going to bed when it is chilly so I hope it is nice when I come home this weekend. I will be home for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday also dear so that will make a nice leave.
I really have not got any news for you. I am fine and looking forward very much to be with you and the baby. I think I will be golfing tomorrow if the weather is nice. Oh by the way dear will you have my back suit pressed for me and I think I will wear it down when I come home.
I am taking a Legion Course on Insurance selling and I am very interested in it. i think that is a pretty good thing to get into and I think that I could really do alright at it when this darn war is over like I said.
I am certainly looking forward to my leave with you and the baby darling as I really miss you an awful lot and I have got to make up for lost time with you.
So for now dear all my love.
Your loving husband and Pop,



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