August 27th, 1944

Hello dear;

Well darling I finally received your very nice letter and I am glad to hear that you are fine and have been taking care of yourself. We had the most dandy time this weekend and I want to tell you all about it.
Mom and Pop surprised me and took me to Niagara falls. It was such a lovely road trip and dear, the baby was so well behaved in the car. The entire family left on Friday after work and we headed down to the Falls. The four of us decided to stay in a lovely little motel along the highway before Niagara falls and we brought our supper with us. We sat outside and had a little picnic and Beverley was so excited to see the falls. The baby slept most of the time during the day but boy go boy was she ever cranky at night. I guess she is so used to sleeping in her basinet that being away from it was horrible for her at night. None of us got much sleep.
The next day we went to the falls and dear it was just lovely. It was sunny and beautiful and we walked all along the falls. I was glad that we brought a pram for both the baby and Beverley as we walked quite a distance.
We decided to have lunch outside and we all had a hot dog, of course everyone but the baby. She was so good to take to her formula. After lunch we headed back to Toronto but not before I sent you a post card. I certainly hope it makes it way to you soon.
Today it has been rainy and Marg came over with the baby. She certainly is a chubby one. It was nice to sit and talk with Marg and she seemed to be in better spirits dear as she finally received a letter from Ted. It seems he was too pre-occupied with his duties to even write her a letter. Marg was fine with that response but dear, if that was me you certainly would have gotten an ear full from me in my next letter to you. How lucky I am that I do not have to worry over such things.
When you come home, which will be very soon, I would love it if we too could get away for a day or two, but we can decide all of that once you are back home with me.
So with that darling I will end this letter here but asking you to please hurry home so I can give you a very big kiss, and I am sure that “Toots” will want to do the same. Loving you from the bottom of my heart,
You loving wife,



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