August 24th, 1944

Hello Dear;

Well how is my husband doing? It was been a while since I have heard from you I was beginning to think that you had been shipped off over seas, or that you had become a professional golfer. I hope everything is fine.
Everyone here is doing well, and our daughter is getting along just fine. We have been experiencing some cooler weather here but I am glad that we can have the windows open and that we are finally getting cooler breezes in the house. It was so hot in the house and it certainly did take a couple of days for he house to cool down and now I would say it is just right for all of us here to sleep.
One exciting thing that happened is that Pop was driving along the Danforth and he blew out his back tire. We had a time trying to get a new tire for him as you know all the rubber if being used in the war effort so we had to buy a used tire from the gas station. Boy of boy was the air blue when Pop found our how much he had to pay for the used tire, but at least we now have one and the car can be used.
I had a call from Dot dear and she said that she was going to drop in to tell me some news. I was hoping that she would tell me that she was engaged to her fellow. When she dropped in she came in like a whirlwind so excited to see the baby. We sat in the front room and she let me know that she had got a new job at Eaton’s and that she was now going to be buying clothes for the store. I was very excited for her dear, but that is when she let me know that she ended it with her fellow. She told me that she knew that he would never propose to her and that she needed to make a change. So there you have it. Dot is a single gal once again and I am sure that her new job will have lots of boys that are available to her.
I am looking forward dear to you doing down but I have not made any plans for us. I am thinking that we can take it easy and be at home with the baby. What do you think about that? Also we might have to look after Beverley as Mother has found herself a job in a date factory. She has started working and the hours are very early in the morning until the early afternoon. So dear we will figure it all out when you come down.
So with that daring, I will end this letter so I am looking forward to seeing you and so is our little baby.
With all my love,



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