August 21st, 1944

Hello darling;

Just a few lines dear to let you know I am OK and thinking of you all. I have just been awake about 5 minutes from my noon sleep and I am still half asleep.
I received your very nice letter dear and the very nice soaps, so thank you dear as I think that they will come in very handy.
Well darling I received a letter from Mrs. Dean and she is very sorry but she is coming back this week and so I guess that the trip up north is all off. I was thinking however is you want me to I will take 3 or 4 days in September anyway. So think it over and let me know dear. This damn pen is awful and I can hardly write with it.
Well I hope everything is alright down there. I am fine but missing you very much. I hope the weather is a little cooler they next time I come home because I will enjoy the sleeping a lot more and I enjoy that anywhere and anytime anyhow. I just like sleeping I guess but the best time is when you are next to me.
Well the weather had been a lot cooler here and it has threatened rain for 3 or 4 days but so far it has held off. I have not done very much since I last wrote you. I would have liked to have gone golfing yesterday but it wasn’t a really good day. I might go this weekend however. Tonight there is a musical on and it should be colourful anyways.
Gee but I look forward to seeing you and they baby dear. I would be awful hard if I did not see you every month or so.
By the way dear will you find out if I left my leather wind-breaker down there. I can’t find it here and I would hate to have lost it.
Darling it really is a shame that Marg has not heard from Ted in all this time. It is a terrible thing that she is alone with the little baby and she has not heard form him in weeks. So do you think that he just forgot to write? I would think that as he is a new father he would like to hear about all the firsts with his little daughter, but maybe I am just different in that way. I love our little tyke so much that I want to know everything about her all the time.
I feel terrible for Marg and as you said she is just so blue. I am glad that she has time to go for a walk with you and take the little ones out of the houses which I can only imagine are just so damn hot these days with the weather that you have been having.
Well dear that is about all for now and so with all my love,
i remain your loving husband,



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