March 16th, 1944

Hello Darling;

I have just come in from supper and I thought I would sit right down and write you a letter so that you would receive it by Saturday. I am not taking my 48 hour leave until next week and dear and I would just as soon do that as it would have made it too long until the next time I saw you if I had come home this weekend. I figured that we get Good Friday, Saturday and Sunday off but that I would take mine the weekend of the 15th or the following weekend, I think that would the best poker, but we could discuss it next weekend when I am home anyway.
Well dear I received $1.00 from the Service Union and a paper they are putting out monthly with all the news. Emile Andrews is now a father I rather think that it was another case and example of someone not being too careful before they were married dear.
Well darling let me see what I have done. Monday night I saw this picture “Tender Comrade” and it was a real tear jerker, the girls might like it but I did not think much of it. Tuesday night I went to a concert on the station and it was only fair. Thursday night I went to the Rotary Club in Lachine. Tonight “Cry Havoc” is on at the station show and I guess I will see it.
Lloyd is planning on brining his wife down here on the 1st of next month, it isn’t much trouble to get a place down here at all. In fact they had a number of signs on the notice board at the Rotary Club. One was for 2 rooms and asked for a airman’s wife and child. I feel rather sorry for Marg and Ted, if I had to go overseas. I wouldn’t mind so much if it was after the baby was born. Then I would know you were alright and I know you would feel better if I was around and it is comforting to know that you are only 7 hours away from me and by the way dear we will just have to decide on a name this next time I am home.
The weather down here is not so good today but we have been having wonderful weather lately. What a difference form Halifax. It would be nice if you could get down for a week or so in the summer dear but maybe the war might be over by then.
You tell me that I am going to be very excited and nervous when the baby comes dear, but I think that I will make a very good husband and father to help and assist you with the baby. I think that changing a diaper will be a great thing and I look forward to the chance to do it. Walking with the baby, feeding the baby and all the things that come with being a father is what I have been looking forward to and any help that I can be you can rest assured that I will do my duty.
Well dear I guess that is about all for now but I will drop you another letter on Sunday and so until then from the very bottom of my heart.
All my love darling,



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