March 12th, 1944

Dear Doreen (pardon, I mean Porky)

Well darling as you can see by the letter head on the paper that is where I am spending this evening, I am at the Rotary War Service club and it is Sunday night and it was such a lovely evening. I thought, or Norm and I thought, we would go for a walk and this is where we landed. It is really a lovely spot, the house is right on the shore of the St Lawrence andI can look out the window and see the light on the other side.
Well dear I received your very lovely letter this afternoon and as you see I am answering it right away. I knew about Ted being posted overseas as we received a posting list from Ottawa and I noticed his name on it. I guess Marg will take it pretty badly, one thing you can count on dear and that is I won’t be going over until after our baby is born dear. In fact I have practically lined up 3 days off for the next weekend after the baby is born and I don’t think I will have too much trouble getting it. You see Good Friday is a holiday in the Air Force but I am going to try and work that day and take it the second weekend after with a 48 hour leave, that will be the weekend of the 22023rd and I will be the happiest and most excited guy in Toronto that week. So let me know whether you think I should take a couple of days of my leave with it. I don’t know whether to take this months 48 hour leave next weekend or not. I could maybe be of some help to your folks in their moving but I will decide later in the week and let you know in my next letter.
Talking about postings overseas, Norm was just telling me that they have frozen us all in our jobs, they consider us key embarkation men now I guess and that they only way that we can go overseas is by volunteering and you won’t catch Poppa Lewis doing that until he has to.
We’ll darling I have not done anything very exciting as usual besides going to bed with a couple of red heads. I only did that 3 times this week so that does not really count, they don’t equal one of you though dear, so don’t you fret or worry (HA HA).
Seriously though I went to the show last night and saw a couple of fair pictures. Friday night Norm and I dropped in at the dance but it was pretty dry so we left early. Thursday night I read in the library and was in bed early. I slept this afternoon and so that brings my activities up to date.
Well dear I hope you are taking real good care of yourself and getting lots of rest. I am sorry to hear that you feel a little under the weather now and again but I think you have done wonderful so far and you look like a millions dollars. You will be the most beautiful little mother in Toronto and I will certainly be proud of you and our little baby, I mean daughter. Boy that sounds wonderful. I just hope I will be able to make a real good after.
By the way dear if you want you could go over to our place until your folks get settled in their new place, you can decide later if you want dear.
Well darling that is about all for now and so I will drop you another few lines either on Tuesday or Wednesday and let you know whether I will be home on the weekend and so darling from your very loving husband,
All my love,



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