March 30th, 1944

Hello darling

Well here it is Thursday evening and you have left and I decided to sit right down and write you a few lines hoping that you get this before this baby of ours decides to make an appearance.
Bill dear, I miss you already and I was actually hoping that when you were here on your leave that the baby would come so that you could be here and you would have a chance to see the baby before you went back down there. But we know how these things go and we cannot rush what mother nature has in store for us.
I am feeling OK, but as you know my feet and legs are so swollen that it is hard for me to walk around. So here I sit and wait but that is OK as it gives me time to think of names for the baby and prepare all of things that I will need once the baby comes along.
As you know darling we have officially moved into our new place and I decided that I would stay with my Mom and Pop rather than moving over to your folks’ place because all my things are here and having to move them back and forth just did not make sense as I did know know if the baby would be here or not by now.
Irene and Jessie came by today after work to see me and they thought with all the excitement that the baby would come today but I told them that seeing them was not very exciting (HA HA).
Have you bought the cigars for the lads down there yet? Are they all teasing you about become a father? I hope that you do not take too much rubbing from them and that they are as happy as we are that you are going to become a “Pop” very soon.
The weather has turned rather nice down here dear, and we can expect nothing but sunshine today and hopefully for Easter as it is right around the corner. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the baby came on Easter darling, as it would really be a sign of spring with a new baby. And then the baby would be the right age for the summer to go along the Danforth and have ice cream together, even thought he baby will not be eating ice cream by that time.
Marg is so excited for the baby to come as she will get to experience what it means to have a baby as she will go through the same experience soon enough and it certainly is something that she is fretting over. She knows that she will most likely have to do it alone, but we are all alone when it happens and then we all get to rest and stay in the hospital once it is all over.
So darling, with that I will end the letter here but I will leave you with I love you very much and before long we will have an addition to the family and we will love them with all of our hearts. So until then darling please be safe and keep well and we will see you soon.
Loving you always form the bottom of my heart,
Your loving wife and Mommy to be,



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